We all came home with the same number of holes we left with

Pookie is going out to be out of town all week for work and we decided that it wouldn’t hurt for Sis and I to get a little practice in out at the range.   We all went out today and plinked a bit with my .38.

The last time I went to the range, you may recall, I shot myself in the head.   So I was a little bit wary this time.   Then as Pookie is working with me, he tells me to turn around so that I can’t see him load the gun.  Now, he was doing this so that he could load it randomly to see if I could just keep firing through the empty chambers until I hit the loaded chambers and still be basically on target.    Of course, while your back is turned and your husband is loading a gun is not the time to realize what a bitch you’ve been the last few days.

We also brought Pooter’s little Crickett rifle.  It was the first time he got to shoot it with real .22 shells.   He did very well, hitting the target several times (with Pookie’s constant help and supervision, of course.  We don’t plan to set him loose in the neighborhood with it for at least another couple of months.)

The closest we came to disaster was when Pooter was demonstrating to me how you could ‘splash sand in your face’, and his safety glasses were a bit askew. He managed to give himself a literal eyeful of sand.   I flushed his eye out in the bathroom and he’s just fine.  On a related note, could someone explain to me how a shooting range bathroom in the middle of the woods, with no attendant, could be cleaner and better supplied than 99% of gas station and/or restaurant bathrooms?

We’re all going to miss Pookie terribly but it will be all better when he brings us many trinkets from the land of crawfish and Zydeco.    (Psst,Pookie. Think jewelry.)

So how was your weekend?  Everyone else manage to avoid injury?

5 Responses to “We all came home with the same number of holes we left with”

  1. buffi Says:

    Congratulations on successfully emerging from the range alive and unscathed (physically, anyway).

    Really, Pookie is a man. You are going to have to be more specific than “think jewelry.” I could tell you stories and show you the crap that SD has brought back from Saudi and Turkey. What you have to say is (for example) “Think one carat tw diamond stud earrings set in platinum!” Otherwise you get crap like a leaf dipped in gold. Nobody wants that for you.

  2. Pookie Says:

    To be fair, Buffi, “jewelry” narrows it down nicely. That’s much better than the terror-inspiring “Oh, you don’t have to bring me anything!”

    The latter tends to result in coffee mugs, t-shirts, and trinkets. IIRC, last year’s haul included a t-shirt for Pooter, a dress for Sis (which still needs some seamstress work before she can wear it), and a coffee mug and jewelry for Contrary.

    Granted, it was crappy jewelry. It’s an Indian casino in central Louisiana, hardly Casino Royale, but casino hotel gift shops throughout the world share a common business model: turn valuable casino cash winnings into worthless crap.

    For the record, I have no idea what jewelry I brought home last year. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it worn. I’m not even sure I brought jewelry home, although I do recall doing my darndest to find something worthy at the gift shop.

    Anyhoo, they can’t fool me with their crooked business plan. I bought the gifts out of my per diem check. My casino winnings –100% cash, bay-bee!– went home with me. That’s right, on my last night there, I gambled for the first time all week, and turned $20 into $64, then called it quits and cashed in.

    Who’s da man?

    And for the record, four nights away from my beloved family really sucks. All the free beer and Cajun food just makes me wish they were there to enjoy it all. Kids splashing in the pool makes me wish my kids were there.

    But… it’s all for good. We sacrifice this annual ritual, just like we work different shifts the rest of the year, in order to have more time with the kiddos.

    Contrary isn’t likely to give up her laptop this week, so y’all do please be kind when I’m not here to defend myself.

  3. Chris Says:

    So glad you didn’t shoot yourself 😉 This weekend was wonderfully injury free.

  4. buffi Says:

    AAAWWWWWW! You rock Pookie! Do you give lessons?

  5. Pat K Says:

    Take your drunken ass home, if ya don’t know what to do with yerself take your druken ass home.

    Oh Hi there just some Zydeco lyrics that jumped out.

    Hope the trip goes well, and gifts are a plenty.

    Oh and play a big pay off slot machine just once.
    I have a feeling. 🙂

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