I hope a roving gang of rabid raccoons catches him alone in the parking lot after school one day


When I read this:

Teacher dispatches raccoon with nail gun

HUNTSVILLE, Ark. – A high school teacher killed a raccoon with a nail gun after discovering the planned subject of a skinning demonstration was alive. I assumed that the teacher had been either about to start his demonstration or indeed had started his demonstration on what he believed to be a dead raccoon and the raccoon sort of woke up, tried to attack him and he grabbed up the closest weapon to defend himself, thus killing the raccoon.

That’s not exactly what happened.

What happened was that a parent brought the animal in for the teacher to use in a skinning demo. The teacher, seeing that the animal was not the carcass he’d been expecting, took it out back and shot it with the nail gun, rendering it dead.

From the article:

“He used the nail gun to, as they say, to dispatch the animal,” ( Superintendent)Lievsay said. “It wasn’t like he held a nail gun against the head of a cute little animal in front of the class.”

What the fuck?

Ya know, I’m already not a huge fan of dissecting animals in the classroom. All I remember from dissecting frogs in the 9th grade is the godawful smell. It’s like dead mixed with another kind of dead with maybe a splash of vinegar.

I don’t like it, but I’m sure there’s some merit to it for someone. Future doctors and serial killers, maybe.

But I have a particular problem with bringing little Rocky to school in a cage and then ‘dispatching’ him with a nail gun.

Here’s the deal, the guy didn’t ‘dispatch’ the raccoon. He killed the raccoon. He made it dead. It is an ex-raccoon, thanks to him.

I’m just not sure why the little thing had to die just so the kids could see a skinning demo. I’m not going to Google it, but I’m certain that skinning instructions and video can be found on the internet. Why not learn from an animal who has already died?

It would be different if the raccoon had been hit by a car and his body was used as a teaching aid. This little guy was caught in a live trap (oh, the irony) and carried to his death, probably completely terrified the whole time.

I’m no bleeding heart, and I’m certainly no vegan. I’m omnivorous. I eat meat and I wear leather. What I don’t do is condone killing animals for information that can be had at any time, simply by typing the right words into a search engine.

It all ends well, though. He’s been firmly told not to kill any more animals on school grounds.

The kids are still fair game, though.


11 Responses to “I hope a roving gang of rabid raccoons catches him alone in the parking lot after school one day”

  1. Diane Says:

    Who in heavens name needs to learn how to “skin and animal”? Maybe a hunter but a student…in a classroom…I hesitate to think what would happen to a teacher in my school district who even thought about a demonstration. How totally disgusting is that??

  2. Chris Says:

    WTF is a skinning demonstration? Is it part of “How To Be A Hillbilly 101”? That’s just wrong on a whole lot of different levels.

  3. Mandy Lou Says:

    The only response I can think of is WTF? – just like everyone else! Seriously – who needs to learn how to skin an animal? And if it was a dissection exercise that’s what they make the formaldehyde frogs for (though I’m with you on the smell – just thinking about it makes me want to hurl).

  4. bekah Says:

    Okay, now, unless this was a taxidermy class, or a “what to do with bodies after you gun them down in the woods” class, I see absolutely no purpose for a “skinning demonstration.” SKINNING has nothing to do with the dissection of an animal or anything in the field of medicine (because really? How many doctors need to know how to skin their patients?). This was a waste of life. I say nail gun the teacher’s testicles.

  5. cadiz12 Says:

    what i don’t understand is how holding a gun against a cute animal’s head is unacceptable, but skinning a cute (albeit dead) animal in front of a bunch of kids is A-Ok.

  6. Michelle Says:

    Hopefully he was “firmly told” with a nail gun to the head as incentive.

  7. Patsy(GrandmaPatsy) Says:

    Just one more reason for Homeschooling!!

  8. Pookie Says:

    Patsy says: “Just one more reason for Homeschooling!!”

    Yep! When Pooter learns to skin something, it won’t have been killed with a nailgun.

    Although I do have to say, a nailgun right to the brain is basically how we get all that beef we eat. And then they’re skinned to provide that leather we wear.

    Contrary admits she is comfortable with being a hypocrite when it comes to meat.

  9. Emily Says:

    I’m sorry — did I miss skinning class in high school?

  10. Student Says:

    The coon is a nuisance animal, that was eating turkeys from a turkey house. It is also furbearer season and nothing illegal occured. As from being inhumane the nail killed the coon instantly. How do you think they do it in the slaughter houses? I use a big nail like object and shoot it into the animals head to stun it, then they slip its throat. Hutchinson has worked in slaughter houses before, and knew what he was doing. No students saw the killing, and viewing the skinning was optional. I am a student of his, and know him personally. He feels bad about what he did, and does not deserve the treatment he has been getting over this event.

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