Holy Shit, it has been almost a year

Since I posted here, that is. Wow.

Roo* pointed out how long it had been in a hilarious (new) comment on the last (old) entry.

Man, I used to hate it when bloggers went so long in between posts and offered weak excuses (we’re ALL busy bitch, get to typing!) and promised to do better only to NOT DO BETTER AT ALL. GOD.

Now, I totally understand it. I get it.

I don’t know if what happened to me has happened to any of those bloggers I used to get peeved at, but if it did, man, I feel for ’em.

See, what had happened was, I lost the ability to write anything remotely interesting, at least to me. It all sounded like ‘kids still amazing, Pookie still hot and awesome, I need chocolate’. (all those things are still true, by the way)

I can’t tell y’all how many blog posts, comments on others’ blogs, Facebook updates, etc. that I’ve started and ended up deleting because they weren’t funny or smart or interesting.

Like this post, so far.

I think I’m gonna give this another try, though. Maybe try to spruce the place up. Learn how to use WordPress again because it’s a fucking miracle if this thing actually gets posted.

I’ll have to come up with a new theme though, as I haven’t had a potentially fatal but ultimately ridiculous injury for quite some time now.

Anyway. I’m back. Thanks entirely to Roo, who made me choke on my coffee this morning. Thanks Roo, that was the closest I’ve come to death in a while!

* Ed. I think I fixed it! It’s basic blogger courtesy to link to another blogger if you reference them in a post. However, as noted above, it will be a fucking miracle if this thing posts and I have no idea how to link anymore. I promise to study up on WordPress before posting again!

Also, since Pookie and Baby Girl and Nate and Andy have all been after me to post at one time or another, they’ll probably be a little peeved that it was Roo who got me going again. Sorry guys! Maybe you, too, should have suggested I shoot myself in the head for blog fodder.


9 Responses to “Holy Shit, it has been almost a year”

  1. Pookie Says:

    Oh, suuuuure. You’ll do it for Roo, but not for us!

  2. Mrs. Chili Says:

    HEY! Welcome back! I’ve missed you!

    You guys still moving to my neighborhood?

  3. Contrary Says:

    Hey Chili!

    Yep, we’re still moving up that way. Time-line looks to be next summer-ish.

    We can’t WAIT.

  4. Kelley Says:


    I have missed you.

    Now get off you fucking arse and post more or I will have to come over there and give you a roundhouse kick to the spleen.

    In stilettos.

  5. roo Says:


    Nice to hear your pretty voice, Contrary.

    Don’t worry– we never thought you were interesting.
    (Kidding! Kidding! I can joke, because boy howdy do I know how it feels…)

    Glad you’re back.

  6. andrew Says:

    whioch andy did you mean? the little bro or the tall one?

  7. AddispBig Says:

    It looks like you are a real pro. Did you study about the matter? lawl

  8. Andrew Says:

    Speaking of…

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