I also have a few things to say to you, Bones

While watching an episode of Biography on A&E the other night, I noticed a boo-boo.

If by ‘boo-boo’ I mean ‘total glaring mistake which makes it obvious that those responsible for producing this show are lazy fucks and also that they think the viewing public are stupid fucks’.

The episode was about Aretha Franklin. About 5-10 minutes in, they were talking about Aretha’s upbringing in 1940’s-50’s Detroit and went to a bit of black and white video showing some of the city from that era.

As I watched the clip, I found myself amazed that Family Dollar Stores have been around that long. Then I start to notice how most of the cars look like they’ve been manufactured in the last decade.

Y’all, they took modern footage of WhotheFuckKnows, USA, and made it black and white and made it all crackly like extremely old video.

Now, presuming that there is no stock footage of Detroit from back the actual day(which I fucking doubt), surely they could have used stills of Detroit from back then or even done away with a visual representation of Detroit whatsoever.

I quickly rewound (love you TiVo!), and had Pookie watch it. He too immediately noticed the issue. You know why? Because he has EYES and a BRAIN.

I’m very mad at you A&E. Biography is one of my favorite shows and it’s usually top-notch. This went straight to the bottom notch; not even stopping at middle notch for a pee break.

Your name is supposed to stand for Arts and Entertainment. I would suggest that you change that to Amateurish and Excerebrose.

A&E, may the fleas of a thousand circuses decide to winter in your collective boxer shorts.


10 Responses to “I also have a few things to say to you, Bones”

  1. Mrs. Chili Says:

    PLEASE tell me you’re kidding about this…..

  2. Pookie Says:

    I wish she was. I was sitting with my back to the TV with headphones on, paying no attention, when she uttered some exasperated expletive and asked me to turn around and look.

    She didn’t say anything about what upset her, and didn’t have to: it was so obviously out of place that I would have laughed. Except, I was too busy scratching my head wondering why they would do it.

  3. roo Says:


    That word stopped me right in my tracks. I don’t think fifty cents is enough for that one.

    A much better word than their shoddy history deserves.
    For shame, A and E.

  4. andrew Says:

    you might want to say something about the forgotten also. they showed a sweeping view of “dubuque” but it was not dubuque. dubuque is far from flat.

  5. andrew Says:

    WhotheFuckKnows, USA must have stood in for it(shreveport is standing in for Los Angeles so ooops)

  6. andrew Says:

    i must say something. you and angela bear such a strong resemblance to each other, it is almost weird.

  7. andrew Says:

    go to charlies facebook page and look at the pics of angie and her kids

  8. Ralph Says:

    Almost a year since you blogged? For a minute (a year, actually) I thought I missed something. Don’t let it happen again.

  9. andrew Says:

    i spotted a msitake on law and order. the date was tuesday aug 11 and the next day was thursday august 12.

  10. andrew Says:

    spotted a mistake in my spelling too

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