I also have a few things to say to you, Bones

While watching an episode of Biography on A&E the other night, I noticed a boo-boo.

If by ‘boo-boo’ I mean ‘total glaring mistake which makes it obvious that those responsible for producing this show are lazy fucks and also that they think the viewing public are stupid fucks’.

The episode was about Aretha Franklin. About 5-10 minutes in, they were talking about Aretha’s upbringing in 1940’s-50’s Detroit and went to a bit of black and white video showing some of the city from that era.

As I watched the clip, I found myself amazed that Family Dollar Stores have been around that long. Then I start to notice how most of the cars look like they’ve been manufactured in the last decade.

Y’all, they took modern footage of WhotheFuckKnows, USA, and made it black and white and made it all crackly like extremely old video.

Now, presuming that there is no stock footage of Detroit from back the actual day(which I fucking doubt), surely they could have used stills of Detroit from back then or even done away with a visual representation of Detroit whatsoever.

I quickly rewound (love you TiVo!), and had Pookie watch it. He too immediately noticed the issue. You know why? Because he has EYES and a BRAIN.

I’m very mad at you A&E. Biography is one of my favorite shows and it’s usually top-notch. This went straight to the bottom notch; not even stopping at middle notch for a pee break.

Your name is supposed to stand for Arts and Entertainment. I would suggest that you change that to Amateurish and Excerebrose.

A&E, may the fleas of a thousand circuses decide to winter in your collective boxer shorts.


I also have a grandkitty

So, you all remember Nate, right? To re-cap, Nate is my oldest kiddo, who is not so much a kiddo anymore.

He’s 22 and still in the Army, having changed his MOS from Cavalry Scout to Combat Medic.

He went for training this last February in San Antonio at Ft. Sam Houston and loved it and has a natural aptitude for it and did really well at it.

Also, as it happens, he met a girl. As he described her: “Mom, she’s a tall, skinny redhead from New York and I’m in love with her”.

Well, alright.

It has long been a habit for Nate to call me up every 6 months or so and tell he’s getting married. For laughs. For shits and giggles.

Because it’s funny to give your mother a heart attack.

So he calls me in early June and tells me that he and Courtney are getting married.

Now I’ve been fooled before and even said, “Yeah, right. I’m so sure.”, but I could tell he was serious.

Not only were they getting married, they were getting married in 2 days. Without family, at the courthouse.

I handed the phone off to Baby Girl so I could go pace around the driveway and cry for awhile. Then I got over myself and listened to the details.

They were getting married so quickly because it was the only way for them to get sent to the same base when they graduated from Combat Medic training. They knew they wanted to get married anyway and if they didn’t do it NOW, it would be two years before it was even a possibility again.

It was actually the next day, on June 11, that they got married, with a few friends in attendance.

We did get to meet Courtney and have a meal with her and well, we love her.

She is indeed a tall, redheaded New Yorker. She’s also sweet, smart, funny and has referred to me as ‘The Coolest Mother-in-Law Ever’.  How could I not love her?

Oh, and here’s a pic of the happy couple:

Nate and Courtney

Heh. Sorry.  I’ll post one of her looking at the actual camera when I get her permission.

Holy Shit, it has been almost a year

Since I posted here, that is. Wow.

Roo* pointed out how long it had been in a hilarious (new) comment on the last (old) entry.

Man, I used to hate it when bloggers went so long in between posts and offered weak excuses (we’re ALL busy bitch, get to typing!) and promised to do better only to NOT DO BETTER AT ALL. GOD.

Now, I totally understand it. I get it.

I don’t know if what happened to me has happened to any of those bloggers I used to get peeved at, but if it did, man, I feel for ’em.

See, what had happened was, I lost the ability to write anything remotely interesting, at least to me. It all sounded like ‘kids still amazing, Pookie still hot and awesome, I need chocolate’. (all those things are still true, by the way)

I can’t tell y’all how many blog posts, comments on others’ blogs, Facebook updates, etc. that I’ve started and ended up deleting because they weren’t funny or smart or interesting.

Like this post, so far.

I think I’m gonna give this another try, though. Maybe try to spruce the place up. Learn how to use WordPress again because it’s a fucking miracle if this thing actually gets posted.

I’ll have to come up with a new theme though, as I haven’t had a potentially fatal but ultimately ridiculous injury for quite some time now.

Anyway. I’m back. Thanks entirely to Roo, who made me choke on my coffee this morning. Thanks Roo, that was the closest I’ve come to death in a while!

* Ed. I think I fixed it! It’s basic blogger courtesy to link to another blogger if you reference them in a post. However, as noted above, it will be a fucking miracle if this thing posts and I have no idea how to link anymore. I promise to study up on WordPress before posting again!

Also, since Pookie and Baby Girl and Nate and Andy have all been after me to post at one time or another, they’ll probably be a little peeved that it was Roo who got me going again. Sorry guys! Maybe you, too, should have suggested I shoot myself in the head for blog fodder.