This just in…

In case you haven’t heard yet, the DNA tests for Anna Nicole Smith’s baby are back in and Howard K. Stern (also known as the guy who probably killed her and her other kid) is NOT the babydaddy. Which makes me happier than it probably should considering that it’s, you know, not my fucking business.

Turns out that Daddy is Larry Birkhead, who is probably just in it for the money, but at least no one can make a good circumstantial case against him for the deaths of Anna Nicole and her son.

It looks like both HKS and Anna Nicole’s mama might fight for custody of the baby. But only because they love her, not because she stands to inherit a shitload of money.

Oh, wait. Howard K. Stern is a creepy dick and Anna Nicole was estranged from her mother for years, so probably they’re just in for the money.

You know, I feel even sorrier for this kid than I do for the Federline kids.

In other news, I was off today and the kids and I literally spent the day in bed watching BBC America. I really need to win the lottery so we can do that every day.

Also, I miss Pookie.


5 Responses to “This just in…”

  1. Pat K Says:

    “Also, I miss Pookie.”
    Don’t worry with practice,
    your aim will get better.

  2. sweatpantsmom Says:

    I’m with you – I totally think Howard K. Stern killed the two of them.

    The way this whole kooky story’s going, I’m betting he ends up hooking up with Anna Nicole’s mom.

    Oh, ew.

  3. buffi Says:

    Okay, sweatpantsmom, that is an image I did NOT need in my head, thankyouverymuch. ::shudders::

    I’m with you on the missing your sweetie. Sooo with you. Also? LOVE me some BBC America. Next time, can I come?

  4. mrschili Says:


    I don’t pay attention to ANY of this – and I don’t get BBC America – so I am woefully out of the loop. I mean, I know who Anna Nicole was, and I know that there’s been a bit of drama over who gets her newborn, but I have NO idea who these other people are. I think it might be best for me to keep it that way – I have a hard enough time keeping my OWN life straight.

    Oh, by the way – did your coccoon ever hatch?

  5. Jess R Says:

    I don’t know. Based on the sound of their names alone, I dislike both Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern.

    What’s this about a coccoon hatching?

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