My mind has been officially blown

Pookie sent this to me in email and told me that it was going to be a ‘What The Fuck’ moment. Not even a WTF moment, but an all out What The Fuck moment.

I was a little concerned that I was going to get RickRoll’d like all the kids are doing these days, but I have as yet been spared.

Instead, he sent me a video of an Asian Elephant painting a self portrait. You read that right, it’s the Pachyderm Picasso. Except that this elephant can actually paint an elephant and I suspect that if Picasso ever painted an elephant, it’s trunk would be coming out it’s ass or something equally vile. (In case you haven’t figured it out, I don’t really *get* Picasso)

So if you ever wanted to see an elephant paint (and paint well) or if your mind just needs a good blowing (heh), watch this video. Afterwards, go check out her other work and find out more about her, if you’re so inclined.


Adding Insult To Injury


Don’t you hate it when you’re just minding your own  business, maybe having a little snack, and then all of a sudden you’re dead and some little bastard dog is humping you?   Man, I hate when that happens.


A forum I frequent is doing something of a blog tour of the members.   The current subject is ‘Weirdest Vacations’, and well, I hate to admit it, but I’ve never been on a weird vacation.

However, Pookie and I are taking a honeymoon/vacation this next week and I have my way, it’s gonna pass weird and head straight on into TMIville.

So maybe I’ll have something to blog about after all!

(Ok, so I just remembered one weird thing from one vacation.   Kentucky ‘s term for a check that has bounced is ‘cold check’.  { I read it on a store’s countertop and asked; I wasn’t bouncing checks in Kentucky. I save that shit for home.  ANYWAY.}   The term for a check that has bounced here in Texas (and everywhere else I’ve lived) is ‘hot check’.   That’s weird, right?   What do they call it where you live?)

Anyway (again), I’m gonna (try to)make a little blogroll comprised only of those who belong to the same forum I do, so y’all keep your eyes peeled (eww) for that.


As close to porn as this blog will ever get


So.  Ahem.

I wonder if this was on purpose or an accidental wardrobe malfunction ala Janet Jackson.

Her groom seems pleased, if a bit stunned.

Long time, no see

A partial list of shit I’ve done since last time I posted:

Paid for Baby Girl to get her tongue pierced.

Held Baby Girl’s hand while she got her tongue pierced.

Found out Baby Girl was one tough Mo-Fo when the first piercing was off-center and had to be redone.

Signed Pooter up for his first year of T-Ball.

Volunteered to an assistant coach for T-Ball team.

Screamed, “No, the other way!!”, 27, 000 times.

Tied shoes 45,000 times.

Confiscated baseball gloves being used to flay skin from teammates’ faces 324 times.

Prayed for rain every Mon and Thurs at 5:30pm. And sometimes Saturdays at 10am.

Only got rain once. Wept for joy.

Went to a festival and did not eat anything on a stick.

Did eat the world’s sloppiest gyro. Enjoyed muchly.

Felt guilty about ignoring blog almost every day.

Managed to get past guilt every time.

Spring cleaning.

And for your visual enjoyment, here is a picture of Pooter and a tiger cub. I’ll let you guess which one is which.

Sorry the picture is so big, but I periodically forget how to resize photos. This is one of those times.

Edited because picture was cut off and Pookie fixed it for me because he’s A Big Stud.