Put your thinking caps on (Edited: Now with pictures!)

I had a question I wanted to ask y’all about this thing I found. Now, in order for y’all to tell me what this thing is, you’ll need to see a picture of it. Which I failed to get. Which I got!  So I’m going to see if I can find it again tomorrow and get a picture of it so I can post it so y’all can tell me what it is.




Here’s what we know about it:

1 ) It is not right.

2 ) It is, in fact, wrong.

3 ) So very wrong.

4 ) It’s red.

5 ) It physically resembles a rose, pre-bloom, with a tail and a tiny little snout.

6 ) It is not some sort of fucked up mutant rose/mole combo.

7 ) It is alive.

8 ) It moves.

9 ) It was about 1 1/2- 2″ long.

10 ) It was as big around as my pinky finger.

11 ) Even though I couldn’t tell where it’s eyes were, or indeed if it had eyes, I know it was giving me the stink eye.

12 ) Whenever it moved, I screamed like a little bitch, and ran.

13 ) Really wrong.

Pookie and Miranda (or Mully and Skuldar, as I call them), have a few theories. All I have are the heebie-jeebies.


18 Responses to “Put your thinking caps on (Edited: Now with pictures!)”

  1. Desiree Says:

    Baby Mole? Mutant Rat? Hallucination after too much wine? I know not.

    Glad you’re doing okay.

  2. mrschili Says:

    Wait a minute – wait a minute – isn’t that one of those nasty cocoon-thingies they pulled from the dead girl in Silence of the Lambs? I know you said it’s alive and moving – maybe whatever’s inside of it is getting ready to come out?

  3. Pat K Says:

    That is the pod from wich politicians are spawned.

    I would burn it now.

  4. Holly Says:

    What MrsChili said.

  5. sweatpantsmom Says:

    I’m just freaking out thinking about getting close enough to take a picture of that thing.

    And who’s fingers are holding it?

    I would have called 911.

  6. Contrary Says:

    If you can believe it, I’m the fool holding that thing. Don’t worry though, I waited until Pookie held it to see if he would drop dead. Also, the part I was holding wasn’t the moving part. The reason I found it again so easily was because it can only move one end and then only in circles, so it pretty much stayed right where Pookie left it last night.

    I wonder if we have an etymology department at the local college. It’s obvious this fucker is some kind of big ass bug in transition, I just want to know what KIND of big ass bug it’s going to be when it’s done cooking.

    (Although, now that you mention it, calling 911 for this fucker might be kind of funny. Who volunteers to hold the hidden camera so we catch the officers’ reactions for posterity?)

  7. Lynnster Says:

    Yuck. Just yuck. I can’t believe y’all touched it. Yuck.

  8. mrschili Says:

    Call the University – I’m SURE they’ve got some sort of extension division that’ll know what you’ve got there. Until you know what it is (and what it could potentially morph into) I do hope that you’re keeping the thing contained in some way. Poke holes in a disposable plastic storage container or something so that, if it decides to do its thing while you’re not around – or sleeping – you won’t end up with some creepy bug loose in the house!

  9. Contrary Says:

    Does a Mason jar with a paper napkin artfully draped over the top count as contained?

  10. Pookie Says:

    Pookie doesn’t know all the answers, but he knows how to find them. From the kind folks at allexperts.com:

    What you have there is a pupa of a sphinx moth (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae). Sometimes called hawk moths or hummingbird moths, they most often pupate in the soil. Adults often are noticed as they hover at the flowers that they extract nectar from using their long proboscis. The ‘hook’ that you noticed is the sheath protecting the developing proboscis, and ‘articulated end’ comprises the abdominal segments. See http://www.silkmoths.bizland.com/txnortheasternsph.htm for images of some species of this fascinating family found in your general area.
    Hope this helps,

  11. mrschili Says:

    HAH! So I was mostly right – I can’t remember if that’s the kind of moth in Silence, but it IS a moth cocoon! Woo-wee for me!

    As far as your containment goes, I’d be wary of the paper napkin and its artful drape; anything that comes outta that thing has got to be pretty big, and would likely scoff at your paper napkin as it flew out of your jar and went around looking for something into which to stick its long proboscis…

    p.s. – Pookie, I’m RIGHT with you, Buddy! I don’t know all the answers (sometimes, I wonder if I know ANY of them, actually), but I DO know where to go to find them!

  12. Chris Says:

    I’m sorry but it looks like it came out of something’s butt.

  13. Pat K Says:

    I don’t care what them fancy university
    boys say.

    I’m telling ya Ted Kennedy was spawned out of a pod just like that.

  14. Woman with Kids Says:

    Ew. I would have totally screamed like a girl and climbed up on a chair. Because the bad guys/gross things can’t find you way up there. Politican cocoons are wayyy too scary for me.

  15. Rossana Says:

    I found one of these last fall (October 2006) in *Vermont* as we were harvesting potatoes in our garden.
    I’m glad I finally know what it is! This thing is straight out of science fiction. It’s amazing..


  16. VeryContrary Says:

    […] of the shop, our little mystery friend came out of his cocoon! I’d about decided he wasn’t ever going to, but there he was […]

  17. Andrea Says:

    WE HAVE SOMETHING ALMOST THE SAME ! or so..i think. do you have any pictures of the cocoon???????????? we have been watching these weird little cottonie cocoons with sticks attached to it for a while now, and i finally cut one open, and a purple, almost squshie pinecone shaped thing popped out. its like a larva or something. its realllyyyyy weird. i dont know if its a good idea to just wait around till this thing does something, or if they are going to eat us. its honestly something i have neverrr seen before.

  18. Henry Says:

    Hawkmoth or Hornworm moth. Also Hummingbird moth…the data on the cocoon seems to check out on a couple other sites…I live in Tempe AZ near Arizona State.In Feb my Father was here doing a little landscaping when he found a live cocoon…he left it on the ground where he found it..I brought it inside after he left and left it in a small pot of dirt. It was alive and would squirm its segmented end vigorously whenever handled. After about a month though…it seemed to die as it no longer moved and seemed to get gradually lighter. I put it back outside about a week ago and today, after yanking up an ill-conceived weed barrier cloth, i unearthed the following: I perfect cocoon, alive as before but bigger..(3 1/4″) two broken open and rotting cocoons, and one that i had accidentally BROKEN OPEN. tHE LARVA INSIDE WAS EXPOSED EXCEPT FOR THE HEAD PART, ABOUT THE LAST 3/4″. It was twitching violently and died , or at least stopped moving forever (lol) about ten minutes later. I will post a short video of it moving on my flickr account, username is flickyfries. comment there if you will….muuuhahaha!

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