Bah Humbug

An excerpt from an email I received today (as I’m sure many of you did as well):

“Hey, NaBlo members! Anyone interested in an even bigger challenge than posting every day for a month is invited to head over to the Blog365 group, where members will be trying to post every day in 2008”



I’m actually quite grateful for Holidailies as if I hadn’t been posting every day in December, I might have thought for a moment that signing up to post every day for a year was a good idea.  Thanks to Holidailies, I know that I get quite pissy about the whole thing about 50 days in.

See, there is something wrong with me, some kind of enzyme or something, maybe, that will not let me just fucking skip a day already if I have  already said I would post every day.

Hell, I rebelled against myself last night and refused to post until this morning and slept badly as a result.   I just don’t need that kind of pressure for an entire year.

If posting every day for a year souds like a good idea to you go here:

If posting every day for a year sounds like a really bad idea to you, pass the Cheetos and scooch over. I’m with you.


The Chipmunks Christmas song


6 Responses to “Bah Humbug”

  1. bkclubcare Says:

    I think I will pass on the Post-All-Year challenge, too… In fact, I’m already planning on ditching my post responsibility on Jan 1, thankyouverymuch.

  2. Dan Says:

    I think I would rather shoot myself in the foot. this blogging thing is supposed to be fun. i’ve only missed four days since the beginning of November, but I needed those four days.

  3. buffi Says:

    Um, yeah. I got that email today, too. I considered it for a moment when all of the sudden my COMMON SENSE kicked in and said to me, “Have you lost your fucking mind??” And when my Common Sense yells at me like that I figure I’d better listen. After 37 years I’ve finally caught on to that.

  4. silkentent Says:

    You could try this idea:
    (Blogging Without Obligation)

    Margaret, who has posted every day since November 1 even though she gallivanted 1800 miles to Wyoming for a month in the middle of that period

  5. Mandy Lou Says:

    Ha – you MUST be joking! I’m sooooo done with the Holidailies, oh wait – I blame you!

    No really, it’s been fun, but there’s no way I’m doing every day! What are they, nuts?!

  6. magneto bold too Says:

    You know, when NaBloMe ended I tried not to post. I actually managed 4 days in December where I didn’t post. And I got freaking HATE MAIL!! Well not hate mail as such but a lot of ‘where are you?’ ‘I keep checking and there is nothing new, come on woman!’

    Give me a freaking break! These are people that post on their own bloody blogs once a month. Get a life I say. And please keep visiting 😉

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