I bet the Chocolate Coins flavor is awesome though

I believe I mentioned that Baby Girl got a holiday gift pack of Jones Sodas for Christmas.  I don’t know if y’all have heard about Jones, but along with their regular drinks, they make special flavors for special occasions.  Special flavors like Turkey and Gravy and Christmas Ham and Latke.   We wisely decided to not to buy the packs continuing those flavors (they do claim that their Chanukah pack is kosher, which I think is awesome), because no one in their right minds would drink those flavors  (and if you did get those flavors and drink them, you’re not in your right mind).

Included in Baby Girl’s gift pack were Cherry Pie flavor (she gave it a thumb’s up), Blueberry pie flavor (another thumbs up), Lemon Meringue flavor (she’s too scared to try it), and Apple Pie flavor which she described as tasting like alcoholic butterscotch.  I asked her if that was a good thing. She took a swig, grimaced and said she couldn’t make up her mind.

Then she said it was so disgusting that she couldn’t stop drinking it.

I’m not sure I get that.

Maybe she’s one of those people that can’t stop smelling the rotten milk.  She probably farts and pulls the covers over her own head.

Little weirdo.

I would try the soda and tell you what I think, but it’s hard to type when you’re driving the porcelein bus.

Oh! Also, Pookie got me a shirt that says ‘Jesus hates the Yankees’, which I plan to wear to my mother-in-laws house this weekend.   The combination of blasphemy and trashing her beloved Yankees might make her lose it and stab me with a piano, but it will be worth it.


In keeping with the soda theme of today’s post; Coca Cola Christmas commerical circa 1984- I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke:


9 Responses to “I bet the Chocolate Coins flavor is awesome though”

  1. Dan Says:

    I love that: “stab me with a piano”

  2. Pookie Says:

    Dan: you don’t know my mother — she’s got one big-ass piano! It’s probably outlawed in California and Massachusetts for having more than 10 keys, and prohibited in the UK and the Antipodes for being able to play more than one note without manually re-cocking the hammers. The late (very recently, God rest his soul) Oscar Peterson would be forced to call the Canuckian Piano Branch for a “permit to transport” this piano, if some of the high strings were too short. And then, he’d be forced to limit his concerts to 8th notes, which is pretty much the opposite of Being O.P.

    After reading today’s entry, I spotted the half-empty bottle of “Apple Pie” on the counter. I bravely opened it, gave it a sniff and a swig, and hereby declare it nothing like alcoholic butterscotch. It’s buttery, and sugary, but reminds me strongly of those diabetes-inducing “banana popsicles” of our youth.

  3. magneto bold too Says:

    I stand corrected. Americans are not weird. They are freaking certifiably insane. Meat flavoured soda. *shakes head in disbelief*

    And then I go to the site and they say they use pure cane sugar? Well where on earth do you guys get your sugar from? The arses of bats?

  4. Lloyd Says:

    “Then she said it was so disgusting that she couldn’t stop drinking it.”
    Probably liked that sour candy the kids all go for these days:)

    Magneto: Most sodas are sweetened with corn syrup. Cane sugar is rare in soda today, although I think it has to be used to make it Kosher.

  5. Kizz Says:

    Jesus DOES hate the Yankees. The shirt just tells the truth.

  6. Pat K Says:

    Just imagine how many championship
    flags, would fly over Yankee stadium
    if Jesus loved them.

  7. Pookie Says:

    Magneto: most sodas here are sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup, because of government meddling in the market. We have outrageously high sugar prices due to protectionist tariffs, and artificially cheap corn syrup due to farm subsidies.

    We have to buy Coca-Cola that’s imported from Mexico to get the good stuff made with real sugar.

  8. magneto bold too Says:

    Well there you go. I must say I rarely indulge in the fizzy stuff, I prefer water.

    Who am I kidding? I prefer water in my freshly brewed coffee *smirk*

  9. Woman With Kids Says:

    I love the Jones’ soda packs, it’s tradition around here. I get the Thanksgiving pack, force the boys to drink them and laugh, because, geez, that’s funny.

    The christmas pack is better. The valentine’s one was really good.

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