I also have a grandkitty

So, you all remember Nate, right? To re-cap, Nate is my oldest kiddo, who is not so much a kiddo anymore.

He’s 22 and still in the Army, having changed his MOS from Cavalry Scout to Combat Medic.

He went for training this last February in San Antonio at Ft. Sam Houston and loved it and has a natural aptitude for it and did really well at it.

Also, as it happens, he met a girl. As he described her: “Mom, she’s a tall, skinny redhead from New York and I’m in love with her”.

Well, alright.

It has long been a habit for Nate to call me up every 6 months or so and tell he’s getting married. For laughs. For shits and giggles.

Because it’s funny to give your mother a heart attack.

So he calls me in early June and tells me that he and Courtney are getting married.

Now I’ve been fooled before and even said, “Yeah, right. I’m so sure.”, but I could tell he was serious.

Not only were they getting married, they were getting married in 2 days. Without family, at the courthouse.

I handed the phone off to Baby Girl so I could go pace around the driveway and cry for awhile. Then I got over myself and listened to the details.

They were getting married so quickly because it was the only way for them to get sent to the same base when they graduated from Combat Medic training. They knew they wanted to get married anyway and if they didn’t do it NOW, it would be two years before it was even a possibility again.

It was actually the next day, on June 11, that they got married, with a few friends in attendance.

We did get to meet Courtney and have a meal with her and well, we love her.

She is indeed a tall, redheaded New Yorker. She’s also sweet, smart, funny and has referred to me as ‘The Coolest Mother-in-Law Ever’.  How could I not love her?

Oh, and here’s a pic of the happy couple:

Nate and Courtney

Heh. Sorry.  I’ll post one of her looking at the actual camera when I get her permission.