High and Lows

Cloud:  My laptop is in critical condition. Apparently it needs a new hard drive, so I now I have to wait for some poor family to lose their laptop so that my laptop may live.  It’s just all so sad.

Silver Lining:  The extra desktop computer we have works just fine (except for no flash thingie) so except for Youtube, I can still do all my favorite online stuff while we wait for an organ donor.

Cloud:  Last night, Little Man’s t-ball team was demolished by a team called The Chaserz.   With a fucking Z. I blame the parentz.  Fuckerz.

Silver lining:  We get another chance at victory tonight.  Hopefully we’ll be playing the Fluffy Bunniez or the Throw Like a Girlz.

Cloud:  We is some broke mofos this week.

Silver lining:  Tomorrow is another day and so far no one’s been forced to root for turnips in the garden.  Which is good, because we don’t have a garden and if we did, we damn sure wouldn’t be planting turnips.

Cloud:  I’m pretty sure I’m experiencing the most drawn out weepy case of PMS the world has ever seen.

Silver lining:  What fucking silver lining?  There is NO silver lining and you can kiss my ass if you think there might be.   (Pray for my family y’all.)

How’s your week going?

7 Responses to “High and Lows”

  1. Wry Says:

    Hi, Do you have a topic to share with the EH blog group? Your week to assign is from the 26th-2nd.
    Do you like ‘possibly related posts? I don’t.
    Hope tomorrow is sunnier.

  2. mrschili Says:

    Endure, Girlfriend. PMS doesn’t last forever (thank God!)

    Hey, are you coming north for a vacation this year?

  3. Mandy Lou Says:

    Well, clearly the PMS hasn’t effected your sense of humor, cause that turnip thing was hysterical!

    It’s been a similar month at the Casa de Mandy Lou – wait can PMS last for a month or am I just bitchy?

  4. grandma Patsy Says:

    hey Girlfriend,
    This cloud has a silver lining cause I am on my way .
    Can’t wait to see pooter play T-ball.
    Of course I have to stop at ye ole Wall-Mart on my way to get my” Mimi bribs”. just one of those things.
    See ya’ll sometime Friday.. Love ya..
    P.S. I’ll bring chocolate!

  5. Organic Mama Says:

    I am SO glad your Grandma haz the whole chocolate thing handled. ‘cuz that’z some serious chocolate-deprivation I’m reading between your lines of hysterical PMSsyness.

    My computer went tits up last month, so I empathize…

  6. slightly off topic Says:

    do computers go tits up or balls down? my desktop went all rainbow on me(no i am not gay) after i loaded a program on it. was forced to buy a new computer. not bragging sis but at least you can stilll do something online. Vista does not have a browser program compatible with Compuserve. sometime advancement of technology isn’t the bet thing for all. but i will be patient and take it as it comes.

  7. Pat K Says:

    I am to much in fear to comment.

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