Yup, that’s my kid

Little man has an awful spring cold (after having made it through winter without so much as a case of the sniffles.

The other night, he started coughing something fierce at about 10:30 and his Dad went to give him some medicine.  I handed him my water glass as he passed by so that Pooter could have a sip of something to wash the taste of the medicine out of his mouth.

Pookie goes to give him the medicine and it’s, ‘But it’s red! What if it gets on my sheets?’

After he takes the medicine and Pookie offers him a drink, it’s ‘But it’s a glass! Made of glass!  What if it breaks?’

Little did he know that I was in the living room worrying about those VERY SAME THINGS.

Also, I accidently made my kid scared of bugs.  To a fairly unreasonable degree.   So now I’m trying to be braver about bugs so I can set a better example

(although, I was a grooming a dog the other day and it’s (male) owner was helping me when I noticed a bumblebee flitting about and I informed my customer that I was not going to be able to finish his dog if that CREATURE was in the room.  Don’t tell PETA, but he didn’t exactly catch the bee gently and give it a little air kiss as it flew off outside.)

Pooter’s getting better though.  Yesterday, he was watching some ants do their thing and did not freak the fuck out that an ANT MIGHT BITE ME, AGGGHHHH.

Then today, he actually brought me a bug and a caterpillar to see.  Sadly only one of them made it to me alive.  Sorry, little generic squashed bug.  As you were the first bug he ever voluntarily touched, he did not know his own strength.  Please know that you gave your life for a noble cause, namely; my kid not getting his ass kicked by other kids for being a wuss.

I’m happy to note that the caterpillar is alive and intact.  Maybe a little annoyed and disheveled, but alive!

Here’s to progress!  Maybe I won’t have to actually touch a bug myself to help him get over it.   That would be awesome.

2 Responses to “Yup, that’s my kid”

  1. mrschili Says:

    I’m not particularly crazy about creepy crawlies, either, but I”m not afraid of them. Well, except for earwigs – they freak me right the fuck out.

  2. Mandy Lou Says:

    If I ever have kids they will be seriously scared – no bugs, no snake. Nope, they’ll be none of that.

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