Sure we still suck, but not as much as the real Rangers

See that kid there?   His team won a game for the first time tonight.   11-5.  He himself did an awesome job of running the bases, bringing one of his teammates home for a run and scoring a run of his own.  We’re very proud because before this game, his usual method of rounding the bases involved more  ‘meandering’ or  ‘frolicking’ than  actual running.

As you can see, he plays for The Rangers.  The opposing team was The ‘Lil Diggers’.

Yeah, they’re still trying to dig out of that hole we dug for ’em.  Heh.  I iz a good winner!

(also, one of the little fuckers hit me in the head with a ball.)

Still; baseball flung at head < shooting oneself in head = bring on the baseballs, baby!

We celebrated out victory with a visit to DQ, where we consumed many calories and congratulated ourselves heartily.


5 Responses to “Sure we still suck, but not as much as the real Rangers”

  1. Kizz Says:

    Yay for DQ!

    If his team (and his shirt) are the Rangers, what does the T stand for on his hat?

  2. Contrary Says:

    Kizz, the ‘T’ stands for Texas. We’re actually the Texas Rangers.

  3. mrschili Says:

    YAY! Congratulations! Oh, and sorry about the head thing – maybe you should start wearing a helmet as a fashion statement…

  4. grandma Patsy Says:

    Yeah!! Great Job Little Man, Mimi is proud of you.
    You are the bestest!!
    Wish I could has seen that..
    Love ya Bunches, Mimi

  5. buffi Says:

    Well, obviously they are the most ADORABLE team in the league.

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