Adding Insult To Injury


Don’t you hate it when you’re just minding your own  business, maybe having a little snack, and then all of a sudden you’re dead and some little bastard dog is humping you?   Man, I hate when that happens.


A forum I frequent is doing something of a blog tour of the members.   The current subject is ‘Weirdest Vacations’, and well, I hate to admit it, but I’ve never been on a weird vacation.

However, Pookie and I are taking a honeymoon/vacation this next week and I have my way, it’s gonna pass weird and head straight on into TMIville.

So maybe I’ll have something to blog about after all!

(Ok, so I just remembered one weird thing from one vacation.   Kentucky ‘s term for a check that has bounced is ‘cold check’.  { I read it on a store’s countertop and asked; I wasn’t bouncing checks in Kentucky. I save that shit for home.  ANYWAY.}   The term for a check that has bounced here in Texas (and everywhere else I’ve lived) is ‘hot check’.   That’s weird, right?   What do they call it where you live?)

Anyway (again), I’m gonna (try to)make a little blogroll comprised only of those who belong to the same forum I do, so y’all keep your eyes peeled (eww) for that.


7 Responses to “Adding Insult To Injury”

  1. Mrs. Chili Says:

    New Englanders call them “rubber checks” cause, you know, they bounce. Duh!

  2. Mandy Lou Says:

    Yep – rubber checks here too. Though “hot check” makes sense too.

  3. Pat K Says:

    Were learnin alot of good things here
    moma, things like=
    there ain’t no good in an evil hearted women
    and I ain’t cut out to be no Jesse James
    and you dont go writing Hot Checks down
    in Missippi and there ain’t no good chain gangs.

  4. Megan Says:

    That picture is hysterical! This is the first thing I saw today, and I laughed for about 10 minutes.

    Oh, and in Illinois, we call a bounced check a “dishonored check.” It’s a little to quaint for my taste.

  5. Pookie Says:

    Contrary didn’t mention what they call “speed bumps” in Kentucky, and how our threat to obey those warning signs had all the teenagers in the van threatening to bail out. At speed.

  6. Chris Says:

    That is just not right.

  7. slightly off topic Says:

    going with the title…..

    some idiot broke into my church and stole over $12,000worth of electronics and completely trashed the office and damaged a skylight in the sanctuary. what kind of asshole steals from a church, much less trashes it? i pray to God that they are caught and prosecuted accordingly. however they themselves will never be on my prayer list.

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