My worst day

On a forum I belong to, someone started the topic “Your Worst Day”.

I realized as I was responding with mine that it wasn’t a story I’d told here before, so I’m posting it here too. Feel free to comment with your own worst day stories. I promise to listen and commiserate.


Our neighbors dog (an Alaskan Malamute) had a habit of getting out of it’s kennel and running the road. My little brother (Andy) and I had a habit of bringing him back, as the neighbors were elderly and it was really their grand daughter’s dog that they were taking care of.

One day, as the dog was apparently approaching sexual maturity, it got out again. Well, we rounded up the dog again while another neighbor fixed the kennel. He gets it fixed and I tugged on the dog’s leach and clicked my tongue for him to follow me in and instead of doing that, he leapt up and started trying to eat my face off.

I’d had time to bring my arm up so he mostly chewed my arm up all to hell, with a few bites on the side of my head and forehead.

My little brother (who was truly little at the time, the dog was quite a bit taller than him while standing on it’s hind legs, which it was at the time), grabbed the dog from behind and the motherfucker twisted around on it’s hind legs and started biting Andy’s face. He had not had time to put his arm up.

The neighbor who had been fixing the fence picked up a two-by-four and started beating the shit out of the dog, and he dog back off.

This all took maybe 20-25 seconds.

The police were called, along with an ambulance. The dog ended up being shot and we were taken to the hospital.

We found out later that there were female dogs in heat in both adjoining yards. A solid argument for spaying and neutering your pets if I ever heard one.

My injuries were piddly when compared to my brother’s. I had puncture wounds up and down my arms and a few on my head, along with being scratched up from the dog scrambling for purchase so he could continue to eat my face.

My little brother had a wound that extended from one eyelid all the way across to the next, coming really close to being blinded in one or both eyes. He also had numerous deep puncture wounds in his scalp. He required fairly extensive plastic surgery.

My worst day. Even worse than the day my mother died, and that was a severely sucky day.

8 Responses to “My worst day”

  1. magneto bold too Says:


    That was horrific.

    Made me feel a little sick.

    And that is why I am so frightened of dogs that run up to me in the street.

  2. mrschili Says:

    Wow. I’ve got nothing that even comes close.

    All this, and you still work with animals?

  3. Petsmart Boarding vs Breed Dog Purina » Blog Archive » My worst day Says:

    […] My worst day On a forum I belong to, someone started the topic Your Worst Day … in heat in both adjoining yards. A solid argument for spaying and neutering your pets if I ever heard […]

  4. Dan Says:

    Which is why, although I love them, i’ll not keep a dog again.

    You just can’t trust them.

  5. LisaL Says:

    Oh, my God, that’s horrifying. Thank GOD your brother wasn’t blinded! Now that’s one awful day, if I’ve ever heard one.

  6. Pookie Says:

    Since before we married, I’ve known about the “neighbor’s malamute that tried to kill us when we were kids”, but this is more detail than Contrary ever shared in person. She’s a very rational person; her wariness of Arctic breeds is understandable, but there’s no phobia there. Breeds have traits, but every dog is an individual.

    As for keeping dogs, tonight we have our five, plus a client’s, and they range from under two pounds, to 120+. I trust them all.

  7. Kizz Says:

    Yeah, what Pookie said. I trust my dog more than I trust most people. In my limited experience the worst dog problems happen when the people around them aren’t trustworthy.

    Spay and neuter them all, we’ve got plenty of work to do taking care of the ones that are already here.

    That is a truly horrifying day. If this is an offensive question please don’t answer but did it feel worse to be attacked or to be watching your brother get hurt? Or maybe, since it happened so quickly, it was all one big storm?

  8. The Andy Says:

    that was more than i remembered and now i am tearing(like moisture from eyes(good thing i can read with both))up with an onslaught of emotions not dealt with in a long time.

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