Happy VD. Also, Merry Syphilis.

Six years ago today, Pookie and I got married. It was a beautiful ceremony with most of the people we loved in attendance.

We took everyone out to eat, except for Baby Girl (who was busy driving the porcelain bus) and my little brother (who kindly offered to stay with her).

Afterwards, we sent all the kids off with various people. Yes, I sent my sick kid away so I could drink the wine, have the sex and conceive her little brother.   Any residual guilt I might have had from that vanished when I told her that we were having a boy and she ran crying to her room because I obviously manipulated things so that I could have a boy just to spite her wish for a baby sister.

It was also at this point that I thanked God for another boy, as the hormonal twelve year old girl thing was wearing me the fuck out.

Tonight, as I was sending Pooter off to bed, I asked Pookie if he could ever have imagined where we’d be this far down the road.

He told me that obviously he couldn’t have, because he married me anyway.

Then he laughed uproariously.

I’m the tiniest bit sincerely peeved with him right now (although, I will admit that hormones may be playing their little part here).

Since he is usually The Sweetest Man in the World, I’ll forgive him sooner rather than later, but if he wasn’t bigger than me and trained in the deadly art of Ass Kicking, I would so give him a wet willie right now.


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

6 Responses to “Happy VD. Also, Merry Syphilis.”

  1. Pookie Says:


    To clarify, my display of smart-assedness was in response to Contrary sending Pooter off to bed and asking, “Six years ago tonight, did you think we’d be sending our five year old to bed?”

    We had already agreed that we weren’t planning any children together, two apiece being plenty. Thus my, “I married you anyway” answered the question about having kids. Pooter, you may already know, was born exactly 9 months and 1 day after the wedding.

    And she’s good about forgiving me. Happy V-Day, and happy anniversary, my love!

  2. magneto bold too Says:

    Awwww, domestics on the ‘net.

    Do you do it from separate rooms or tag team it? going on the computer I mean. Not the other…. otherwise send Pookie my way cause a man that can do ‘it’ from another room??????

    Ignore me. As usual. I am delirious. Or debauched. I haven’t decided.

  3. mrschili Says:

    Happy Anniversary, you two! And many, many more (though enough, already, with the kids…)

  4. Cathy Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Talk about being a love child! Pooter looks like a character and probably has the personality to match. I haven’t been reading you for very long but what I have read …it appears the young lad got the best from both of you.

  5. Pat K Says:

    Happy Anniversary, I thought Pookie’s remark
    was uproariously funny too.

    I can write that cause I am fearless and 1500 miles away. 🙂

  6. Organic Mama Says:

    Also, wet willies are always appropriate, but only if you’re prepared to run directly afterward. Happy St. VD day…

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