She’s fucking Matt Damon

For your early Monday pleasure, I bring you a video that is not safe for work, children, little old ladies or puppies.

It is, however, funny as shit.

I hope it kickstarts your week.

(I realized as I published this that between my title and the little freeze frame thing on the video that it may look like someone will be having the sex. No one is having the sex in the video.  I promise.   But I still wouldn’t let the kids, dogs, grannies or bosses watch it, if I were you.)

Kizz from 117 Hudson sent this in an email:

Hello all you beautiful people,

I know that we only know each other on an inside-the-computer basis but I’m shameless enough that it’s not going to keep me from asking you a favor. Could I please borrow a cup of internet from you?

The thing is, I’m producing (and performing in) a theatre and music festival in Brooklyn on February 15 & 16. I’ll be premiering 2 works of my own, Jennica Carmona is performing the world premier of a short play about an immigration rights activist and we’ll get the second show ever (and first acoustic one) by a brand new band, the Reformationists. I’m plugging the show entirely via electronic media so I can use all the voices that I can gather and I would really appreciate it if you could join in. I am more than willing to return the favor if and when you need that. I know that we’re all spread far and wide but you never know who might be reading.

I’m pasting the press release in below because that’s the only way I can be sure that you’ve got all the info. If you want to check out my performing web sites you can go to or and you can go here for pretty pictures of the participants:

Feel free to use the discount code KIZZ to get $5 off the regular ticket price and you can pass that along to your readership, too.
So if you live up Kizz’ way and this sounds like your kind of thing, get your ass in gear and buy a ticket.