Just the facts

Fact 1: Netflix is now offering unlimited instant online viewing to customers who have any but the most basic plan.

Fact 2:  We now have unlimited instant online viewing.

Fact 3:  Heroes (Season 1) is on their instant viewing list.

Fact 4:  I had never watched Heroes before.

Fact 5: It will take roughly 2 1/2 days to watch Heroes (season 1) if you take time out to pee and bitch at your kids.

Fact 6:  I have about 3 hours of Season 1 left and if someone doesn’t fucking kill Sylar already, I am going to lose my shit.

Fact 7:  Mr. Sulu is Hiro’s father.  I know.  I was shocked too.

Fact 8:  Save the Cheerleader.  Save the World.   (ok, not so much a fact, but terribly cool)

Fact 9:  Seriously.  Someone kill Sylar.  I hate that guy.

In other news, I have been gifted with that most precious of commodities: Blog Bling!  Troy at NotWorldFamous has seen my talent for saying ‘fuck’ for no good reason at all and passed this bit of bling to me that he himself had been gifted with because he has a potty mouth too.


What do you think?  It’s me, right?   The funny thing is, Troy linked to an entry where I only cussed a little bit.

I have to get back to Heroes now (Save the Cheerleader!), but I will be posting my own list of those who deserve the F-bomb tomorrow.


15 Responses to “Just the facts”

  1. Mandy Lou Says:

    I’m glad to see that your priorities are straight, watch Heros, then pee and bitch out the kids – well done!

    As for your blog bling – I’m insanely jealous. Though I don’t use it very often on the blog, it is my all time favorite swear word. And one of my main reasons for not having children, I don’t want to have to stop saying it!

  2. Dan Says:

    We just finished watching season 1 of heroes. i hate to say it but the ending left us a little unsatisfied.

  3. mrschili Says:

    LOVED Heroes – we watched it on t.v. (well, okay – on TiVo). Enjoy!!

  4. Chris Says:

    Never watched the show either but I noticed Neflix had it online. I’ll be catching up soon!

  5. lil bro Says:

    it is a sin not to watch it(HEROES) on reg tv… who really needs tivo when there are dvd recorders and vcrs left in this world. dont have to pay too much per month and the recorder costs the same as the dvr.

  6. Pookie Says:

    The DVR doesn’t consume expensive DVD-R media, and can also record up to 80 hours without anyone having to swap media.

    There are good (free) Open Source alternatives to tivo, but you have to configure a linux box and dedicate one or two tuners to it.

    The extra $7 a month for tivo is worth it for the convenience and quality.

  7. magneto bold too Says:

    Yeah, well I have never seen Heroes. Probably because I am so hell bent on world domination Bwaaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaa.

    Which leaves precious little time for trivialities as television.

    Oh and cause we don’t have TiVo in Australia yet…..

    Congrats on the F bomb! Well deserved bling I must say. I keep getting ‘your so nice’ ones! WTF?

  8. fauve Says:

    Well deserved Bling…it’s beautiful!
    But what’s with the link? You’ve had much worse potty mouth in several other posts…

    Though damn you woman for giving me another show to watch…I’ve heard people rave about Heros for a while now. I may actually have to turn it on. [sigh]

  9. Pat K Says:

    Getting that bling award
    is just out-fucking-standing.

    Keep up the good Fucking work.

  10. Organic Mama Says:

    See, now that I know I can watch shit over the internet via Netflix, I may join JUST to watch Torchwood and Dr. Who..
    I have NOT watched Heroes yet, but it’s on my (long) list of stuff to watch before I die.

    BTW, you’d LOVE Torchwood – assuming science fiction, badassness and cool accents do it for you…

  11. jen from boston Says:

    [/in song] “Happy birth…”…

    Okay, fine, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow. GOSH.

  12. lloyd Says:

    Every Fucking time I think about joining that Fucking Netflix, I look up a Fucking movie that I remember from my Fucking past, they don’t Fucking have it!
    I’ll probably Fucking join ’cause I want to see ‘Weeds” and I don’t have that Fucking cable channel, and, The first Fucking season of 30 Rock, ’cause I didn’t see the first Fucking show, show ’cause I was at Fucking Porcfest drinking with these Fucking Rebels from Fucking Texas and some Fucking Triple X Buffalo weirdo from Fucking Long Island, and, my Fucking VCR failed to Fucking record the Fucking program!

    That Pat K is a Potty Mouth!

  13. Pookie Says:

    My. They’re salty up in Grafton!

  14. lloyd Says:

    In my defense I have to make up for our friend Russell who as you know never talks salty:)

  15. LisaL Says:

    Your comments at Robyn’s site have been cracking me up for a while, and I finally noticed you have a link to your blog. Yeah, I’m slow.
    I caught up on “Heroes” via DVD, too, and was instantly hooked. I took a little longer than 2 1/2 days to get through Season 1 but not much! Sylar IS evil.

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