How was your weekend?

Man, that was awesome.  Taking off a couple days from blogging, I mean.  I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, renewed and many other words beginning in ‘re’.

I had a funny night’s sleep though.  My cell phone kept chirping to tell me it was dying a really slow death and I couldn’t figure out what that noise was in the 2 seconds I was awake.   I don’t know what time it finally died for good, but I hope it was painful.

I also had the itchiest nose in the world last night.  I mean, I haven’t called Guiness in to quantify my claim, but it certainly felt like the itchiest nose in the world.


I hear Britney got carted off after a set-to with, well, just about everybody.  Of course, a very reliable source says she wasn’t hopped up on drugs or alcohol.  That would mean she’s just regular crazy and not chemically enhanced crazy.   Regular crazy is scarier.

In related news, Dr. Phil hasn’t had his name in the papers lately, so he had to weigh in on the Britney issue.    Dude, just shut the fuck up.


If you need a laugh this Monday morning, go here.  If you don’t end up laughing out loud, your soul is blacker than Dr. Phil’s.


7 Responses to “How was your weekend?”

  1. mrschili Says:

    GOD! I remember when my babies used to laugh at nothing like that. Thanks!

  2. Dan Says:

    That baby video is fantastic.

  3. Mandy Lou Says:

    Did you actually enjoy not blogging :-)!?

    Seriously, what would we have to blog about if it weren’t for Britney (well, I mean besides Jamie Lynn)?

  4. lloyd Says:

    I spent my weekend at the 2008 Liberty Forum in a fancy hotel in Nashua, NH, with over 300 liberty lovers:)
    Got my picture taken with Wilford Brimly, a fellow Curmudgeon.

  5. kate1976 Says:

    Thanks for sharing that baby video. HIL-arious

  6. Fish Says:

    I’m so glad you linked to the baby video. I’ve been meaning to watch the Unaired 24 Pilot on that site and couldn’t remember where I saw it.

    Besides that, nothing is as fun as watching a baby laugh all over herself!

  7. magneto bold too Says:

    he he he. Made Boo really pissed off. He hates people laughing. Especially babies. His ire was hilarious.

    So did you find out about the nose itching? If you haven’t called em yet can you find out what the record is for an itchy arse is? Cause MPS seems to be always scratching….

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