This is the last day of Holidailies.  Finally.   The next time I say I’m going to post every day for two months in a row, would someone just slap the piss out of me?   That would be awesome.

Instead, at least for the next while, I will be following this credo.  (thanks for the link Margaret!  You didn’t leave your URL so I could link to you, but I’d be happy to fix that!)  Because I’m just not interesting enough to blog every day and I know it.

I’ve left any thought of New Year’s resolutions to the last minute.  I think I’m not going to make any. I don’t see any point in setting myself up to fail and then being pissed at myself about it.

What are your resolutions?


My final holiday video (thank God).   Same Auld Lang Syne by Dan Fogelberg.     RIP, Dude.


8 Responses to “Finally”

  1. mrschili Says:

    Happy New Year, my friend. One year closer to being my neighbor!

    love ya!

  2. Chris Says:

    RIP Dan. Happy new year!!

  3. Dan Says:

    I enjoyed your posting, but know exactly what you mean about thinking twice before doing it again.

  4. lloyd Says:

    Happy New Year to you all!

  5. Pat K Says:

    Happy New Year ya’ll.

  6. magneto bold too Says:

    I told you you were insane. You just proved it!!! LMAO.

    Now wait for the emails asking where you are if you even dare take one day off!! I was shocked at the amount of them!!!

  7. Pookie Says:

    Pat K sez:
    Happy New Year ya’ll.

    Damn New York Yankee, you!. “You all” is properly abbreviated “y’all”, not “ya’ll”.

    All civilized languages have a first-person plural “you”, except Anglican English. Southerners civilized the language with the addition of “y’all”. Not to mention, we understand how apostrophes work.

    Not to mention, we also lack snow. 😉

  8. Pat K Says:

    Well Pookie I have some words
    for you that I am sure can be used
    But since kids read this blog you get off easy this time.

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