The Winner and still Champeen..

Me, of course.

Got to play Scrabble while wearing my new Triple Nerd Score t-shirt.   It’s got powerful mojo, man.

My two stepsons (Pookies boys) are down for the weekend.  They continue to grow rapidly despite my repeated requests that they stop it already.

We’re all running up to see my mother-in-law tomorrow.  I’ve told her not to cook for us. We’ll see how well she listened.   I won’t yell at her too loud if she fixes a ham.  And maybe some of her awesome potato salad.  Ooh, and some beans.

Then, tomorrow night, I’m kicking their asses at poker.

Then, Sunday, my brother Joel is coming up since  he couldn’t come up at Christmas.  So we’ll be having homemade fettucine alfredo.

Then, I’ll be kicking everyone’s ass at Monopoly.

It’s gonna be a good weekend.


Josh Groban singing O Holy Night


4 Responses to “The Winner and still Champeen..”

  1. Pookie Says:

    I just felt her forehead. No fever. I can’t explain her delusions. Perhaps some Boggle will snap her back into reality.

    Stay tuned for a progress report…

  2. magneto bold too Says:

    Make sure you wear some kick arse stilettos while kicking those arses…

    And photos of the bruises. And if you could draw blood that would be great.


  3. mrschili Says:

    Wowie. Now I REALLY can’t wait for you to move up here – Scrabble AND Boggle? I figure we’ll love each other well while trying to rip one another’s throats out…

  4. Pat K Says:

    Lotta Hoiday ass kicking
    going on down there in

    Be careful not to pull any

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