Also, Happy Birthday to my brother Ed who doesn’t ever read here, but at least if I forget to call him, I have this to fall back on as evidence that I thought of him

I hand scissored three (3) Standard Poodles today. I am one tired motherfucker. I can’t lift my arms above my waist and my hands are all gnarled up and useless.

I am typing with my nose right now, which makes fixing typos a bitch.

And it also means this is gonna be a short post, unless I get a good rhythm going.

We TiVo’d Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon with Boris Karloff, not the movie. NEVER the movie.) a few days ago and it’s Pooter’s new holiday fave.

He’s been drumming his fingers on various surfaces and muttering about how he needs to find a way to keep Christmas from coming.

I’m not kidding.

It’s hilarious yet worrying.

If y’all wake up Christmas morning to find all your decorations gone and your roast beast missing, you know who to blame.

In other Pooter news, we discovered that he can move his ears without touching them, which is one of my very few God Given talents, so I’m glad to have passed it down.

(How I found out I could do it: When I was a kid, hanging out with all the other neighborhood kids, someone said that if you could wiggle your ears, that you were actually an alien. So we all tried it. Freaked me right the fuck out. Of course, I was also the kid that believed those ruts in the dirt by the woods were actually Bigfoot’s tracks. And also, someone convinced me that a bag of potatoes was a bag of dog bones. We’re not talking Milkbone here. I wouldn’t look inside the bag because I was just sure I’d be looking at some poor dog’s jumbled up skeleton)

(yes, I was a naive little fuck)


Today’s video comes to courtesy of PatK. PatK is a friend of ours. He plays a mean game of Poker, can drink more beer in one sitting than most fraternity boys can drink in a semester and is a funny son of a bitch. We miss you Pat! Come to Texas! We have no snow and the Mexican food is awesome.

Twisted Sister singing Let it Snow accompanied by some of the most disturbing Santa pictures ever. Not disturbing in a ‘Let Santa show you his special candy cane’ kind of way, but disturbing nonetheless.


4 Responses to “Also, Happy Birthday to my brother Ed who doesn’t ever read here, but at least if I forget to call him, I have this to fall back on as evidence that I thought of him”

  1. mrschili Says:

    Not the movie – NEVER the movie. We stopped on it between commercials last night and I HATED the five minutes we saw. NEVER the movie…

  2. Organic Mama Says:

    Why? Was Jim Carrey THAT awful? Or did they completely fuck up the story? I LOVED that cartoon and even Jew me made sure to watch it every year. Ok, I could have just not turned on the tv, but that movies, the Wizard of Oz and that perfect life movie played on a rigid schedule every year, so I was indoctrinated annually.
    Ears, eh? My crazy husband passed that gift onto both my kids, but sadly, I cannot. I Cnn bend all my fingers at the first knuckle, though.

  3. Mandy Lou Says:

    Yep – never the movie, absolutely right!

    Also, saw a commercial for “My Big Boobs and I” and thought of your previous post – I’m now tivo-ing it. It’ better be worth it! (Worst case scenario I’ll have something for the holidailies!)

  4. Pat K Says:

    Hey I made it into a Contrary Post!!

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