I should start an Ebay store. Bandannas, dog beds and collar covers as far as the eye can see!

I spent the evening making Christmas bandannas to put on groom dogs..   I’m totally good at it.  Which is amazing when you consider that I have to operate scissors and also there is glue.

At the very least, because it’s me, one might have expected a scissor wound to the forehead or glue in the eye.  Neither of those things happened!

All credit for this goes to Patsy, who told me (and showed me) how to do it.

Well, some credit anyway.  Like 5-10%, maybe.

I get the rest for not fucking it up.


Is everybody ready for Christmas?   I’m not!

Still lots of gifts to buy and 14 more days of Pooter lamenting that he wishes Christmas would just get here already.

He’s been really good all year.  Well, most of the year.  He’s had his moments, but he keeps his room and toys picked up and he feeds the dogs every morning and he’s always full of cheer and a helpful little soul.

But if he calls me a hockey puck one more time, I’m telling Santa.


Johnny Mathis sings Silent Night:


5 Responses to “I should start an Ebay store. Bandannas, dog beds and collar covers as far as the eye can see!”

  1. aj Says:

    Someone gave my dog a set of plastic antlers that attach with a strap under her chin which she hates, and I don’t blame her, because she looks ridiculous and would be the central teasing topic of other neighbourhood dogs if they could see.

    A bandanna would have been much more appreciated.

  2. bekah Says:

    He calls you a hockey puck? I’d say there are worse things than being called a hockey puck. Like golf ball.

  3. Mandy Lou Says:

    I have to take those bandannas off George when I get home – other wise she tries to kill her self with it – running around with it in her mouth making hacking noises (actually it’s pretty funny, but I shouldn’t admit that, huh?)

  4. mrschili Says:

    A hockey puck, huh? Why?

  5. Pat K Says:

    He He hockey puck.

    Some were Don Rickels is smiling.

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