Who yo puppy daddy?

Today we:

Took Patsy home (very frowny here)

Saw our friends Jack and Peaches and got some love from their grandbaby.

Ate dinner with a few movie industry types.

Got tummyaches.

Came home.


I’m so glad the weekend is over. I need the rest.

Also, the puppy (Lily) is in heat for the very first time.  She came in before we could get her fixed and now we have to wait until she’s done being in heat to do the surgery.   In the meantime, my big poodle Oliver (who is also Lily’s Daddy) has had to be seperated from her because I do not want two-headed club foot puppies.

So Oliver has been banished to the garage for the duration.  Did y’all know that a standard poodle could sound just like a lonely coyote?

Take my word for it.   I’m waiting for the neighbor to show up at my door with a dull spoon and offer to neuter him, free of charge.


Video for today:  Put a Little Love in Your Heart, from the movie Scrooged, as performed by Annie Lennox and Al Green.

3 Responses to “Who yo puppy daddy?”

  1. Pookie Says:

    It could bee a new Christopher Moore novel: “Nook; Or, I know why the horned poodle moans”.

  2. Grandma Patsy Says:

    Back home (frowny here too) but I did miss my puppies and other four legged friends oh, yeah, and my hubby(in case he reads this.
    Yes, that big beautiful gracefull poodle brought back “The Call of the Wild” in real life sounds.
    My ears have rested for a little over twenty-four hours and now I miss being asked “Mimi what does p-s-y-c-h-o-p-o-o-d-l-e spell” and ” Mimi are all old girls short?”
    I Love everyone of ya’ll and already miss you, I had a great time.Elton took me out tonight so I still haven’t had to cook,Im going to see if I can make it a whole week!

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