I still don’t like him, though

My daughter has a friend who, I don’t much like.  He’s like a stoner Eddie Haskell and to be honest, I prefer the stoner side.   Every tme he sidles up to me and starts to suck up, I just want to smack him.  But in a nice way.

Tonight, though, I got a glimpse into his sense of humor that made me think that maybe there was hope for him yet.

He called Baby Girl and told her would be by later.

She said, ‘Sure! Just make sure you call before you come.’

He said, ‘Oh, so it’s just like one of those 900 numbers!”

That shit is funny right there.   Sure it’s dirty funny, but hell, that’s my favorite kind of funny.


Anybody here ever seen Singing in the Rain?  Or even just seen the part with Gene Kelly doing the title number?  If you haven’t, you should.   It’s an amazing piece of film.  The movie is actually one of my favorites and I watch it a couple times a year, so I am intimately acquainted with the aforementioned sequence.

There was a program on the other night called Movies Rock.   Contemporary artists were recreating moments of music in the movies.

Usher performed singing in the rain. I don’t mean he just sung the song.  I mean he performed  the dance sequence to the last nuance and sang it beautifully as well.   It was amazing and impressive.   If you had asked me to pick someone to do this, I would have said no one could.   I knew Usher could sing, but his dancing was a wonderful surprise.

If you’e at all interested in seeing the performance (and you should be!), here it is:


Holiday video for the day:  Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo singing Christmas in America  (Ok, so Pat does the singing and Neil plays guitar.)

5 Responses to “I still don’t like him, though”

  1. Pat K Says:

    Give him the number to dial a prayer
    and tell him,he will need it if
    he continues to annoy you.

  2. Kizz Says:

    I like Singin’ in the Rain but that number isn’t my favorite of the movie. I like a bunch of the others, like Moses Supposes and the Good Mornin’ one.

  3. Organic Mama Says:

    Thank you for posting the Usher vid. I love Moses Supposes as well, but this one had the feeling, the mood DOWN. Grining here, and grateful.

    I like your sense of humor!

  4. Michelle Says:

    Yanno what I like about Usher? Other than the singing, dancing and the bod, I mean? I have NEVER heard anything bad in the ‘bloids about him. Amazing if you think about it. I too loved the “Singing In The Rain” bit he did. I was actually quite surprised that he did it so spot on.

    Can I also just say I am no longer as much of a Fergie fan? That performance bit. Enjoyed the bejesus outta the Shaft one tho. 🙂

  5. Robin Says:

    Loved Usher dancing. He did an awesome job. But what got to me was listening to Carrie Underwood sing “Sound of Music.” I was crying. I love the movie, love the song, and Carrie did an outstanding job singing it.

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