A deeper look into my psyche than you ever wanted

I always (ok, since the 1st of November) post at or about midnight every day.  I don’t post at different times because (get ready for it) I want to give each post an equal chance.  Like each post is a ugly little mixed breed puppy at the pound.

I acknowledge the silliness of this, yet I cannot help myself.

Right now for instance, I am one tired puppy (although not an ugly mixed breed pound puppy).   I shouldn’t be awake, much less on the computer attempting to be witty and entertaining and not stupid.

But here I am, because if I wait until morning to post this post, then it won’t have any chance at all.

It’ll be the three-legged, one eyed, one eared flea covered ugly puppy ironically named Lucky.

Poor little post.  Although, on the bright side, this post is much more likely to put you to sleep than the other way around.

I know I’m not the only weirdo around here.

So I anthropomorphize  everything  What’s your quirk?


And now our first rap holiday song!  It’s Run DMC singing (rapping) Christmas Is… 


5 Responses to “A deeper look into my psyche than you ever wanted”

  1. magneto bold too Says:

    Shit. I cant watch the clip cause I am with Boo. And I lurve Run DMC…. yeah, I just get freakier every day.

    I post around 10pm every night. For. The. Same. Reason.

    So we can be freaks together babe.

    But tonight I am breaking the rules. I posted earlier today. But I still NEED to post tonight. So I am about to. At 11.30pm.
    There is a little present for ya in this post too……

  2. Dan Says:

    I have done that too. I like to wake up to the comments from american readers. Are you able to alter the timestamp on your posts though? because then you can set it to post automatically

  3. Mandy Lou Says:

    I post when I can – which is usually at work. There I sit, being paid to do something I am soooo not doing, think up some random crap to post on my blog that day. Actually when you think about it, it’s kind of great, right?

  4. Laurie B Says:

    Best shift work I ever worked was a four night work week. Four ten hour work days from 4 pm on until 2 am Monday through Friday. What in the world could be better? Went out after work, had breakfast, got stoked, and went bowling. Married life is different, and hard. I am a night owl. She isn’t. She sleeps, I wander the web, she gets up early, I groan. I have a day job now, it’s ok but it is hard for me to go to bed at a reasonable time.

    Love her, but it seems I’m the one having to give up my late night life. It’s not fair. I’m still up, she’s in bed for an hour. Sigh.

  5. bekah Says:

    When I was doing the post-a-day thing, I’d usually post a day in advance and have it publish in the same time (7am) the next morning. I don’t know why. Probably the same reason as you, except without the pound puppy metaphor.

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