Chaos theory: Where a butterfly farts in Japan and I choke to death on bread in Texas

Baby Girl had a friend over for dinner.  A male friend.  I would say a boy friend, except if I say that, Baby Girl gets a little panicky.  She’s a little young at 17 to be such a commitment-phobe, but as her mother, I’m ok with it.

As we were eating, Baby Girl was nervously twisting her tea glass on the table.  Did you know that if you nervously twist a wet glass on a wooden table, just when you least expect, the glass will make a noise not unlike the noise made when someone farts while sitting on a wooden chair?

It’s true!!

I was so mortified on Baby Girl’s behalf, until she looked up, correctly interpreted the looks on our faces and told us that the cup did it.

Our response was a rousing chorus of ‘Uh, huhs’.

So she made the glass make the noise again.  And this time, even though we knew she hadn’t just let go in the middle of supper, we giggled even harder.

I’m sure we made a wonderful impression on our guest.

Although, he was snickering as hard as anyone.   I guess he fits right in.

The little reprobate.


Is anyone else experiencing the same downturn in traffic I am?  Is it the whole internet, or are people just tired of listening to my personal shit?


9 Responses to “Chaos theory: Where a butterfly farts in Japan and I choke to death on bread in Texas”

  1. Lloyd Says:

    It’s because of the fuss about alleged censorship at People are not bothering to turn their ‘puters on:p.
    Some of you readers won’t get this, but, Kevin will:)

  2. mrschili Says:

    I didn’t know that about the teacup. We’ll have to try that out on Christmas day… and blame it on MIL….

  3. bekah Says:

    Anyone who laughs at a fart noise is okay by me.

  4. Kizz Says:

    Traffic has been erratic post NaBloPoMo, I think everyone is just twisted up with the whole holiday thing.

  5. ali Says:

    No downturn in traffic for me–I’m still at a whopping 6 readers! I just discovered you via bitchypoo and I’m lovin’ your posts. I’m also feeling some kinship with ya–I’m from Arkansas and married to a police officer.

  6. Pat K Says:

    I of course live for your posts.

    I am sure the young lad would rather
    hear the sound of cup farts, then
    the racking sound of Pookie’s

    Also today I come with a gift.
    Check out this blog.

  7. magneto bold too Says:

    Yeah, I am down by about 50 hits a day the last couple of days. I thought I may have freaked people out with the whole dressing as a ninja thing….

    I woulda given my daughter a whole lotta more grief re the farting glass than you did. You are rather restrained 🙂

  8. Dan Says:

    Fart noises are the universal language.

  9. Emily Says:

    Yeah — traffic is down. Holidays, I think. NaBloPoMo, too. It tired people out.

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