WTF, Mate?

Patsy is here!  Patsy is here!

If you can’t tell, I’m really happy about that.   She’ll be here the rest of the week. The plan is get drunk and stay that way. Woot!

Except Patsy’s addiction of choice is Diet Coke and I’m a lightweight, so we had to scrap the getting drunk and staying that way plan.

It was a good and noble plan.

Anyway, I’m right in the middle of watching Live Free or Die Hard and it’s a very exciting movie.  I will refrain from telling y’all how I screamed like a bitch at one scene and how everybody laughed at me.  Except I just told you.  Damn, y’all are tricky.

So, to make up for the short post I’m posting two videos today.   The first is of a flash animation.   It’s called The End of the World.  Which, I know that sounds all ominous and shit, but it’s really very funny, despite the World Coming to an End and all.

The title of this post comes from the video.  After you watch it, you will start saying ,”WTF, Mate?’, at every oppotunity.

The End of the World:

Fucking kangaroos.


Todays holiday video is Johnny Mathis singing  ‘O, Holy Night.


4 Responses to “WTF, Mate?”

  1. Mandy Lou Says:

    Yep “WTF, Mate” is going in my vocabulary – right now! I like the drunk plan – it’s how I plan to survive a week at my parents during the holidays.

  2. magneto bold too Says:

    Notice that all the horrible things that could happen are caused by those in the northern hemisphere? Hmmm, lets contemplate that for a moment. Nah, you contemplate that, I am going out to the block party. To meet my freaking neighbours. Any chance of getting France to aim one of those little bomb thingies here?

    Have a wonderful time not getting drunk. I suggest you spin around lots and lots to get a similar buzz and then try and do each others hair….

  3. Fish Says:

    Oh em gee, NOW I know why I say that! The Bigun tried to tell me about this last year and all I remembered was “Fire the Missiles!” “But I am le tired.” “Then take a nap THEN fire the missiles!”

    Somehow she lost something in the translation. It’s funnier on video. F*ing kangaroos.

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