It’s like Deja Vu all over again

Well, here we are.  It’s the first day of Holidailies and the day after the last day of NaBloPoMo.

I felt like November went really well for me, and really renewed my interest in blogging.  I realized that doing it so often made me want to do it more.  So, it’s like sex. And M&M’s.  And sex.

I do have a theme for this month.  I know, that sounds semi-organized and that’s just not me.

Anyway, besides my regular post every day, I’m going to post a holiday song YouTube video.   Hopefully the versions by my favorite artists.

For instance, today’s video is Nat King Cole singing The Christmas Song.   As far as I’m concerned, no one else has ever sung that song so beautifully.

So I’m hollering out to all my homies (I know that sounded hopelessly whitebread. I apologize), to send me your favorite carols, secular or religious (of any religion) by your favorite artist.  I actually want the video to be of that artist singing the song, though.  There are many ‘videos’ of Elvis singing Silent Night, but none of them are of him actually singing the song.

I also would prefer that people stick to YouTube or any other service that lets me actually imbed the video here, as people are more likely to watch and enjoy the video  if they don’t have to click away.

I have several favorites already picked out and ready to go, but I would love it if y’all could send me your favorites too.

Y’all help a bitch out.


Pookie and I went to the eye doctor today.   I found the cutest pair of frames. They have bling.  When I get them back (after they finish getting the medicine to magically stick to the lenses) I will brush my hair and change out of my PJs and get Pookie to take a picture of me in my kick ass new glasses.   I will then post said picture.   Get to brushing up on Photoshop, Pookie.  Me and my chin need you now more than ever!

I actually wear contacts 99% of the time, but I like to keep a pair of glasses for when my eyes need a break from the contacts, which isn’t often.   Pookie asked me today how I manage to screw them up so bad when I wear them less than a month, total, out of the year.   It’s a gift. And a curse.


Here’s todays aforementioned video of Nat King Cole singing The Christmas Song.   I hope you like it as much as I do.


8 Responses to “It’s like Deja Vu all over again”

  1. magneto bold too Says:

    I am wanting 12 days of Christmas by the cast of Shrek.

    ‘5 onion rings!
    4 exploding birds
    3 blind pigs
    2 weed rats
    and a fire breathing dragon just for me!!!!!’

    I am a lazy biatch and have no idea if it is on youtube, so you find it you slacker! Next you will want me to write the post for you too…

    *wanders off muttering about Contrary being a lazy biatch and good thing I think she is awesome*

  2. Lloyd Says:

    Well……………..if it has to be a video, I can’t send you my favorite Christmas carol.

  3. mrschili Says:

    Wait until Ten Things Tuesday and you’ll get TEN of my favorite songs – some of which I COULDN’T FIND on YouTube. Bastards…

  4. Julie Says:


    Do They Know It’s Christmastime At All??

  5. Dan Says:

    Fairytale of New York by the Pogues is the best christmas song bar none.

    but this comes close:

  6. Mandy Lou Says:

    Ok if you post a holiday song each day – then how am I going to do that with out looking like a poser? All right fine here’s a few (but I have to warn you, as much as I like the old “standards”, these are a bit different):

    No Doubt – Oi To The World
    Barenaked Ladies – Elf’s Lament
    Blink 182 – I Won’t Be Home for Christmas

    Oh yeah and I did you homework for you – they’re all available on YouTube.

  7. Organic Mama Says:

    I’m Jewish and although there are a few this-time-of-year songs I REALLY like, I get distracted by the sheer barrage of Christmas songs everywhere I go. HOWEVER, Ido like Hark how the bells or sweet silver bells or whatever the heck it’s called. Checking…

    Carol of the bells. Love that one, mostly for the arrangement.
    I also like Adam Sandler and The Hanukkah song, mostly because it still cracks me up.

  8. Pat K Says:

    Darryl Strokes (That Dumb Sonofa) Almost Shot Santa Claus by Tim Wilson.

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