Because I’m a glutton for punishment

Here we are, Day 3 of the Great Internet Debacle of 2007. It continues to be sucktastic. Do y’all miss me, at least? I miss y’all. A really lot

I would like to give thanks to the kind people at Netflix for helping to keep us occupied during this trying time. Also, Christopher Moore, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Tom Clancy. We love you guys.

So, has anyone heard anything about something called Holidailies? It’s about posting every day in the month of December, if I’m not mistaken. I’ll have to get adventurous and do a search.

I think I’m going to do it, though, because posting every day is kind of fun, and hey, if I can post while I DON’T HAVE INTERNET (weep,sob), surely I can post another 31 days in a row, right?

So. Who’s with me? Come on, we had fun this month, right? I still have a few memes to get through and I’m sure to at least get a good bloody stubbed toe in the next month and I’m sure to find some funny cat videos or something.

Who’s with me?

Edit: I am now officially registered for Holidailies. Please note the new badge up at the top right there. A little click will take you to the Holidailies site. I would like to note that I, all by myself, figured out how to put it there and make it clickable.  Take a moment to be suitably impressed.  I didn’t want to make whether I signed up or not contingent on if others were gonna do it.  So I’m doing it regardless. 

Still, it would be awesome if my friends came along for the ride. 

7 Responses to “Because I’m a glutton for punishment”

  1. mrschili Says:

    I’ll sign up! Why the hell not!? I’ve been posting every day since the LAST NaBloPoMo, anyway (someone ought to point that out to whoever’s giving out the prizes at NaBloPoMo, doncha think? I mean, that kind of OCD ought to earn me something good, right?)

  2. Pookie Says:

    I fixed the Internet. All by myself.

    Apparently the act of dialing the phone company fixed it, because they could sense My Awesomeness right through the phone line. When I got up, no Internet. Reset the modem, reset the router, still Dial the phone. Get disconnected. Dial the phone again. While waiting through the mind-numbing “please hold” spiel, hit the router refresh button, et voilà! Internet!

  3. bekah Says:

    I dunno if I wanna be required to post every day for an entire month again. But I did have fun this month, and I’m impressed that I didn’t resort to “I have nothing good to say, blah blah blah” posts. GO ME. And go you, for doing it for an entire month again. And December is longer. And busier. Eep.

  4. Emily Says:

    I think I’ll just read along. My posts are so long it seems unfair to put one up every day.

    Good internet luck!!

  5. Fish Says:

    Pookie, can I borrow you? I have cable issues, and I want you to call Comcast for me so it will fix itself.

    And I’m so in for Holidailies. I’m such a scrub, but give me a challenge and I’ll shoot for it. And the flameout when I fail can be pretty colorful.

  6. Mandy Lou Says:

    Hmmm, Holidailies huh? Not sure how many blogs I’ve got left in me. I’ll sleep on it tonight. How many memes have you got to share?

  7. Organic Mama Says:

    My husband is all grr when I mention WHY I am blogging all the damn time, but you know? I liked this every day thing and I think I can manage it, so why the heck not? You’ve been missed, by the way, you cranky paragon; glad yer back with internet!

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