The internet is broken

At my house, anyway.  I come to you courtesy of the free wireless internet at the rest stop off the highway.  The things I will do to post every day for NaBloPoMo.  I am sitting at a picnic table and can barely see the screen and I hope I’m writing this on my blog as opposed to accidentally responding to some porn spam.

If I haven’t visited your blog or left a comment, now you know why.  I hope to have this fixed soon.   If so, I will try to catch up on all my visiting and commenting right away.  If not, I’ll be here again tomorrow, squinting at the screen and cussing under my breath.

Does anyone know if Starbuck’s has free wireless internet?  Anyone? Beuller?

4 Responses to “The internet is broken”

  1. mrschili Says:

    I believe they DO! So, too, I believe does Panera (do y’all have Panera in Texas?

  2. Mandy Lou Says:

    See what I went through on vacation? Just be glad your not text messaging!

    On the bright side only three more days of NaBloPoMo!

  3. Kizz Says:

    Yes on the Starbucks! And Go You! on the commitment. Do you read Schnozz over at Schnozzfest? She wrote a very funny post denouncing the whiners who are all “it’s too HARD to write every day” “I don’t have anything INTeresting to say” “Wah wah wah”. You are a shining example of the other side of the coin.

  4. magneto bold too Says:

    THANK GOD!!!!! I thought you had deserted me for internet stardom or some such.

    I am missing my daily dose of crazy contrary on my blog. I EXPECT you to comment on every freaking post that you have missed even the ones before I discovered you. Cause I discovered you and when you are famous you will say ‘Oh, it is all because of Kelley and her amazing HTML skillz……

    No internet. Shudder. Just the thought makes me feel physically ill…

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