My first (and most likely only) obligatory Grey’s Anatomy post

I watched my very first episode of Grey’s Anatomy tonight.   It’s not as sucktastic as I thought it would be.  I thought it was mostly people having sex in hospital broom closets.   There was no sex at all!   What there was, was a cliffhanger.

So I asked my good friend TiVo to record it next week so that I can find out what happens.   It’s a one time thing. I do not intend to get involved.    I just gotta find out if that one guy’s new heart takes and if that other guy will still be able to operate after surgery on his own shoulder.

It’s all very dramatic.   Thankfully I managed to avoid all that McDreamy V. McSteamy crap.

Oh, and how come no one ever mentions the how whiny Grey’s voice is?  Homegirl needs some work done on her adenoids.

I’m sure one of her colleagues would be happy to help her with that, but they’re too busy fighting or fornicating.

I’m gonna watch it again next week before I decide whether or not it deserves a season pass.  I’m pretty picky about my season passes.

Ok, I’m not really all that picky.  The TiVo is basically a wasteland of mindless drivel, with a few Discovery channel shows throw in to make us feel more smarter.  However, it’s a full wasteland and I have to make sure something is going to keep me enthralled (easier than you’d think) before I commit to it.

Maybe next I’ll take to watching Desperate Housewives.



10 Responses to “My first (and most likely only) obligatory Grey’s Anatomy post”

  1. mrschili Says:

    I love Grey’s Anatomy. I’m not ashamed of it, either. Yes, it’s whiny. Yes, there’s a lot of mindless sex and stupid nicknames. Yes, the characters can be infuriating. I still love it – the dialogue is fun, the guys are nice to look at and sometimes it makes me laugh out loud. How can that be bad?

  2. Michelle Says:

    I’m w/Mrschili. I love it. Have since it started. #1 on my tivo. But everything else is the CSI’s and NCIS’s type o’ shows. Well … except for my undying love for Metal Mania (love those 80’s hair bands) and my unhealthy addiction to Martha Stewart.

  3. Emily Says:

    I love GA. Love it. And, even though she’s too skinny, I even like her…

  4. Fish Says:

    I feel so much better now. I thought I was the only one in North America who hadn’t even seen one episode.

    Oh, crap. Maybe now I AM the only one, since you’re one down, one to go. Thanks. I felt better until that thought came up.

  5. stephanie Says:

    It was a long time before I understood what McDreamy was all about, and then I think it came through blogs and not from watching the actual show.

  6. travelingbroccoli Says:

    I live and breathe for Thursday night’s Grey’s Anatomy, and I’m not ashamed. Never have I loved a show like this since X-Files back in the day. Anyway. Love it. I suggest renting (or Netflixing!) the first three seasons and catching up to this current one.

  7. bekah Says:

    Aw, fuck. Traveling Broccoli is me. I forgot to log out of that WordPress ID before commenting here. My bad.

  8. Pat K Says:

    Two words -Boston Legal.

    Best thing in t/v waist land.

    Maybe even funnier than your blog.

  9. Kizz Says:

    Yeah, she’s whiny, yeah, some of the stuff is stupid but you (and by you I mean we) keep watching for those beautifully true moments like Bailey explaining why she’s going to do the surgery on the white supremacist. Bailey is awesome.

    Also, Joshua Jackson is coming! He’ll make it even better!

    Oh, and I know you think you’re just going to watch one more to see if it’s for you but you haven’t been subjected to the power of Shonda Rimes yet. Nobody writes a compelling 3-4 parter like Rimes, unless it’s Aaron Sorkin.

  10. Mandy Lou Says:

    You’re watching in the middle of a cliff-hanger thing, not to worry, there will be more sex! You just have to hang in there.

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