Better than the Bates Motel, for damn sure

As a mark of just how foggy I am, when we were driving the 2 hours to my mother-in-law’s house, I could not stop thinking about what a cool name The Dew Drop Inn is for a motel.

It’s Dew Drop, like a drop of dew.

But it also means Do Drop.

And then you add Inn to it and you have, essentially, Do Drop In.

Devastating in its subtlety.

Dew Drop Inn. Do Drop In.

At no time did we pass any motels named The Dew Drop Inn.  I have no idea where the hell it came from.


My ear hurts.

But the rest of me feels pretty fucking good.

13 Responses to “Better than the Bates Motel, for damn sure”

  1. magneto bold too Says:


    Thats why I love ya!

  2. Michelle Says:

    I had the same thoughts when I finally figured out what my Mtn. Dew can was saying to me…

    “Dew. Be Dew. Be Dew.”

    I’m guessing most people that drink Dew don’t know who Sinatra is a won’t get the reference, but I laughed ’til I snorted ol’ Frank down my shirt. Yeah, I’m pretty easily amused.

    Glad you’re starting to heal. Being ill bites.

  3. Emily Says:

    That is certainly random. Perhaps you could listen to books on tape in the car…

  4. Fish Says:

    Um, are you on anything interesting? ’cause I could use some.

  5. Renee Says:

    Wasn’t there a dew drop inn on the Waltons? Where one of the brothers would play in a band?

    I’m pretty sure it was the Waltons.

  6. Kizz Says:

    I was just going to say that, it comes from the Waltons. It was the illicit juke joint that Jason used to sneak out to so he could play his godless music and scare/embarrass his mother half to death. I believe it was Yancy who ratted him out.

    Wow, so many things in that paragraph I should probably not have revealed to the general public.

    Carry on!

  7. Mrs. Chili Says:

    We have a Dew Drop Inn cafe in our town. It’s not a hotel or anything – it’s a cafe. More like a diner, really. Weird.

  8. Organic Mama Says:

    I do hope you are feeling better, but this quixotic randomness is hilarious. Actually, I sometimes have phrases or song snippets or bits of a poem bouncing around in my head, leaving me entirely in its thrall. Izzat what happened to you??

  9. Pat K Says:

    Of course it can also be a place
    were you drop in to “DO IT”.

  10. bekah Says:

    I do think (or dew I?) that you should start a new chain of Dew Drop Inns.

    Your tagline should of course be “Do drop in!” so you can be as annoying as Petsmart when they say “Pets Mart. Pet Smart.” You can say “Dew Drop Inn. Do drop in.” Har har, you’re a genius.

  11. grandma Patsy Says:

    Road trips and cold meds DO NOT MIX!! It goes to show your mind is never really blank, there is always something strange floating around in there.I’m sure consuming Grandmommies turkey and dressing help cure you,I hope you ate my share too.
    I wasn’t going to do Thanksgiving but Im getting this powerfull craving for cornbread dressing and cranberry I’ll be putting the old turkey in the oven Wed. night..Wish I could share it with you, maybe I can get up there before we consume all the German Chocolate Cake and I can bring you some. Love ya’ll

  12. Lloyd Says:

    My grandfather and some friends built a cabin on some land he owned so they had a place to go drink during Prohibition.
    All that was left of it when I first went on the land was some old wrought iron hinges, the springs from an old car seat and a really short rotted door.
    Years later, I discovered a map the state sent him when they took some land to widen the road. Penciled in where the cabin was, was “Due Duck Inn”

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