More than meets the eye? Damn straight!

As you may recall, I was eagerly awaiting delivery of The Transformers dvd from my new best friends at Netflix (They will send you movies. To your house. As many as you can watch. For one low price!).

Well, it finally got here the other evening and I’ve watched it twice now.

If I had to do a two word review of the movie, it would be this: Awe. Some. Or: Holy. Fuck.

I watched it the first time by myself. I had to pee at least 6 times while I was watching it. Ha, it’s a new movie rating system. Intensity: 6 out of 6 pees. In contrast, Sleepless in Seattle is a 2 pee-er. See how it works?

Anyway. Yes, you should watch it. Especially if you’ve ever been a Transformers fan. Although, my 17 year old daughter was never a fan of the cartoon (I had to explain to her about Auto-Bots and Decepticons), and she was totally sucked into the movie. She has a little crush on BumbleBee the Camaro. Which is sweet with a dash of disturbing.

Yes, I really am a thirty-*mumble-mumble* year old wife, mother, and red-hot babe. I don’t care if it makes me look like a big old loser, I loved this movie.

And if you refuse to watch it because it was a kids’ cartoon, it’s your loss. It’s ok to be a little immature and enthusiastic and willing to suspend disbelief for awhile.

Now, if I was really immature, I would tell y’all how I want to have Optimus Prime’s baby. I don’t feel that way at all. For one thing, you could never get the kid through security at the airport.

He is hot, though. All that nobility and shining chrome. It’s enough to turn a girl’s head.


11 Responses to “More than meets the eye? Damn straight!”

  1. Dan Says:

    I thought the first half of it was great, but that it really went downhill in the second half. Strangely enough I felt the rot set in when the transformers actually arrived.

  2. magneto bold too Says:

    My boss had a copy of the Bratz movie. His kids were not that interested in watching it.

    So he watched it.

    All. By. Himself.

    Not only did he admit it, but the dick made the HOOOOOOOGE mistake of telling me about it.

    Bwaaaa haaaa haaaaa!!!

  3. Robin Says:

    I didn’t like it. I couldn’t take any more of it when Shia was trying to hide the robots from his parents.

  4. mrschili Says:

    See? I’ve heard NOTHING but good things about this movie. I’ll go check it out of the video rental place and see if I agree…

  5. bekah Says:

    Mark and I watched this Saturday night, but I was really drunk, so I had to re-watch it Sunday. It was really good so I’m glad I re-watched it!

    I’m on Netflix, too, we need to be Netflix friends! My email on there is eurekablyth at! Send me a friend thingie!

  6. ntflx bad Says:

    why rent when you can buy. i would rather waste a bunch of money and own a movie than watch it once and then not be able to see it anytime i wanted. i have a lot of movies ranging from “nosferatu” all the way to “Spiderman 3”. did not the star just get arrested for trespassing and refusing to leave a walgreens in chigacook(american indian for stinky place)? i would rather have the choice of many than just the few netflix gives me at a time. there hollywood goes ruining peoples lives again with bad influences from kids. i swear with hilton, lohan, and spears, this world is going to H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS!!!!!!!! ( and my sister says i am talkative. if i am so talkative, wouldn’t i have typed more)

  7. Michelle Says:

    I’ve watched the movie a few times as I am a ha-UGE Transformers geek from way back and while I’ll say I loved the movie just because it IS the Transformers, and although M Bay did a great job I was quite irritated with how much of a pu**y they turned Opt Prime into. That whole ‘hiding from the parents’ thing … puh leeze.

    But I agree w/you on the Optimus being hot thing. I think for me it’s the authority. And the voice of course ‘cuz all leading men need a sexy voice. ;o)

  8. Organic Mama Says:

    See, I have NO knowledge of the movie or the show and before you can point fingers and accuse me of cave-dwelling, I think I just was oblivious. However, I think I am gonna go and rent this and see what y’all mean. (Hee, my first y’all…)

  9. Patsy(GrandmaPatsy) Says:

    If my oldest grandson were still living with me, we would have already see the Movie sixtyzillion times at least , but he’s with his mother now and I haven’t seen it …yet. however, if I get to your house soon I’m sure I’ll get the pleasure..

  10. Fish Says:

    Do you know, I just realized I STILL haven’t seen Sophie’s Choice? I may have to move it off of the 114 Movies I Intend to Watch Someday list to make room for this one. I love having a list. Even if I never watch a thing on it, I feel so organized. So I guess 1982 just dropped off my viewing priorities!

  11. Eris Says:

    Watching the robots transform is the hottest thing ever. If it were just two hours of that I would go into heat.

    What? Did I share too much?

    I love the noise they make when they transform too. Hot damn.

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