My long awaited new About Me page

(Quick note:  I put a button for the NaBloPoMo randomizer up. It’s over there on the left.  I actually figured out how to do it all by myself.  It’s ok if you’re not impressed by that, because I’m impressed enough for the both of us. Anyway, just click that button if you want to see how cool the randomizer is.  And you know you want to.)

Rather than me trying to figure out what to say about my ownself, I asked the readers of my blog (all 6 of ‘em!) to do it for me. Thank God they came through for me, because the crap I had on this page before was, well, crap. So, here they are, in the order in which I received them.

Michelle said:

While I don’t know you that well I have to say there is absolutely *nothing* wrong w/being obsessed w/Chuck Norris. heh (Amen, sister)

Mrs. Chili said:

Oh, JEEZ! I don’t know! Let me think on it for a while and get back to you. (she did not, in fact, get back to me.) (it’s ok though, I know she lurves me)
Holly said:

I wish I could help, but mine’s not much better dear. (It’s the thought that counts)

Eris said:

Hmmmmm. You really aren’t that contrary, are you? Unless I am really contrary myself so my view is skewed. You are passionate about your family, which really shows through in a heart warming and refreshing sort of way. You genuinely care about the world around you and your work ethic. I don’t know, just ramble on about some favorite movie or something. That always works. (I am too contrary!)

Patsy said:

Yes, she is Contrary, sometimes to the point of being maddening (NELL,the movie!!). Contrary is no saint by far, but is very passionate about her Pookie, kids, pets and friends. I feel good about being somewhere in that group. Although I surely wouldn’t want to be on the other side of the fence with her, I’m not scared, I’ve just seen her upset, uh,mad as hell. She is my other daughter, by choice, and her kids are my grandkids. She will drive 200 miles round trip so we can spend a few days together, make buying replacement shoes the dog ate an adventure and keeps my mind off my aches and pains. No, she’s no saint, I wouldn’t want her to be, although I fuss about her use or misuse of the English language, who else would cuss someone out for me? Not me because I don’t talk like that, I don’t need to, I have Contrary! (Tay ina winn!) (I’ll explain that to everyone else later, but for now it’s enough to know that I just pissed Patsy off. Hee!)

My little brother Andy said:

Um, uh what she said. (Wordy, ain’t he?)

Pat K said:

Family keeper,Pookie tweaker
Animal caring, Coffee drinking
Poker-playing,Bra selling
Freedom Loving,Hard Working
Cranky, Cussing

Behold the Texas Bitch Goddess Contrary.

Soon to take her show on the road to NH.

(Pat K., you’re my hero)

Robin said:

I would hang out with this chic. ;) (Likewise, I’m sure!)

Kate1976 said:

Contrary regularly makes me snort loudly with laughter. Howzat? (It’s pretty damn good, actually)

My baby cousin Jo said:

Oh Kate… you should hear HER *snort*… it’s contagious.. ( I miss it) (I do not snort. Much.)

Jen said:

Um, you don’t have categories, so I haven’t confirmed by facts, but didn’t you like maim yourself pretty good? Like, with a gun? (”it was an accident and it was just a flesh wound, Jen”) Or something? If my memory serves, I ask you, how does that NOT make the “About” page?

“Is not to be trusted with guns, chinese stars, knives, forks, most sporks and those ladles sold exclusively at Crate and Barrel.”

If I am incorrect, please disregard. (Jen is not incorrect. I did, in fact, shoot myself in the head)

Magneto Bold said:

Even the great Chuck Norris knows better than to mess with this chick. (This is true. Chuck Norris is my bitch)


4 Responses to “My long awaited new About Me page”

  1. bekah Says:

    You’re brave. I’d be afraid of what some of my readers would say about me…

  2. Patsy(GrandmaPatsy) Says:

    Day three, I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t love you..
    How do I put a pic. on my comment thingy?
    We’ve been going thru this “Nell” thing for about 8 years now, or whenever it came out.I know now what I’m getting contrary jr. for Christmas.If I got it for you , you’d not even take the plastic wrap off , but contrary jr. will watch it ,over and over again. You will rue the day you made me watch South Park! Im still trying to regain the brain cells I lost.
    Love you all, you know that. Hope to see you soon.

  3. Contrary Says:

    I don’t think you can put a picture in your comment thingy

    (I would totally make fun of you for calling it a comment thingy if I hadn’t called it that myself earlier today. Damnit)

    You can, however, add a link to a picture. Or you can send me the picture and I’ll post it.

    Unless it’s a picture of you giving me the finger.

    I won’t stand for insubordination!

  4. mrschili Says:

    I did not, in fact, get back to you, did I?

    I do lurve you, though – lots. I want you to post more – you always make me laugh. That’s more about your blog than it is about YOU, though – I don’t feel qualified to talk about YOU yet – you’ll have to move here first….

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