Day Two, The Saga Continues

In a quick update to yesterday’s post, Dog Chapman has apologized for his language. However, he was pleased to announce that he’s heard from the Guiness people and he has a really good shot at holding the record for the most times the ‘N’ word has ever been used in one monologue.

The only real competition is from a lecture about the Niger River given last year at a certain ivy league university.

Dog is protesting that entry on the grounds that mispronunciation does not a record make, saying, “If you can’t pro-nounce, I gotta de-nounce”.

He also noted that the lecturer most likely wasn’t even a bigot, saying, “I’m sure he wasn’t even making the black audience members sit in the balcony.”.

The lecturer (who has, in a brief burst of intelligence, refused all interviews) was suspended with pay pending an inquiry into just how stupid he must be.


Ok, so we’re on Day Two of NaBloPoMo and I just wanted to point out some recent changes on my page.

I added things and arranged others, but I’ll just hit on the biggies.

1) Search Function. That’s right, if you’re looking for the entries where I talk about my baby cousin’s big ol’ kitty cat, you can now find them in mere seconds. Lucky you.

2) Subscribe Feature. If you want to be notified when I post, this is the button for you.

3) Most recent comments shown. This one is for Pookie, because he likes it. And I like him.

4) Top Clicks. Those links on my blog that get the most clicks.

I also added a few links to my blogroll and will hopefully add more this month. I visited a LOT of blogs today, using the infamous NaBloPoMo Randomizer, and I’ll be making it a point to visit several new blogs a day in order to support my fellow bloggers.

So how is NaBloPoMo going for you?

12 Responses to “Day Two, The Saga Continues”

  1. mrschili Says:

    I LOVE the randomizer. Of course, Mr. Chili thinks my blogging habit is a bit excessive as it is, so adding new ones to my daily reads won’t thrill him. Maybe I just won’t mention it….

  2. magneto bold too Says:

    Considering my son got into my widgets and DELETED THEM and I had to redo everything….. I am on track. 2 days 2 posts.. check.

    Sheesh, this dog person sounds like a moron. Do you really think he wrote that apology himself? I am thinking, from the little I have seen from this idiot his apology would have read more like ‘Shit. Yeah, I shoulda not done that’

  3. Seth Says:

    And to top it off… his OWN SON sold the tape. I love it! Two in a row – Way to go!

  4. kate1976 Says:

    If only I didn’t have to work, I would have so much more time for blogging. I need to spend tonight with some crap on the telly, a glass of mine and my macbook on my lap surfing the randomiser! So far NaBloPoMo has been a complete success. But it is only Day 2. And I am trying to do it on 3 (yes, three) blogs. As if!!!

  5. kate1976 Says:

    ps what is happening about your ‘About’ page? 🙂

  6. kate1976 Says:

    pps. ok I have just found it. IT’S AWESOME!

  7. Organic Mama Says:

    The Randomizer is great fun and I have also enjoyed being plunked down into one of what, 1700 blogs??? Can you believe how much it’s grown since last year? This is my first go at it, and so far, since I haven’t posted anything very meaty, it’s been breezy. That will change soon. Basically, am loving this, but unlike some, I only have ONE blog to worry about.

    Thanks for your comment. : )

  8. atu Says:

    radmonizer is great and is letting to sample a wide range of blogs too … but this writing daily thing is hard work, especially, as I write a crafting blog and having stuff to show every 24 hours is definitely going to cut into my beauty sleep!

  9. Dan Says:

    Is it cheating to write blog posts in advance? If it isn’t then NaBloPoMo is going great! If it is then, um, I’m cheating.

  10. adamswife Says:

    Hi, I’m Eve. I found you on the blogroll at NaBloPoMo. I’m trying to visit as many bloggers as possible and leave a short message to say hello. I can be found at

    This is my first year blogging. I’m glad I found NaBloPoMo – it is opening up my blog experience rapidly. I like it. Not getting many visits to my blog yet, but I enjoy going in there every, pretending I have an audience, and just talking about whatever comes to mind. I live with my 4 grandchildren, so usually I’m listening while someone else talks about whatever comes to mind. Color me bemused.

  11. bekah Says:

    The sidewalk IS too close to my ass.

    And I think it’s gonna be a long November. I still don’t know why I signed up for the NaBloPoMo when I can’t remember how the letters are arranged without copying and pasting. All day I’ve been typing something like NoMoHomo or MaBloNoPo. I mean, really. What was I thinking?

  12. Patsy(GrandmaPatsy) Says:

    Me again, Day two , see I’m here again. By gum your Blog’s getting downright professional looking.
    Oh, we got baby rabbits, nothing to do with your blog but I thought I’d let you know how exciting its getting around here. Love ya’ll

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