Who Let the Dog out?

It’s November 1st! That’s right, baby. It’s Nablopomo time. A post a day for the entire month. May God have mercy on our souls.

A quick shout out to MagnetoBold for telling me how to put the nice little Nablopomo badge you can see at the top left of this page.   She is Teh Awesome.   Thanks to her, I also figured out how to do other stuff, but I’ll save all that for tomorrow.

Ok, then. Let’s get on with it.
Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman has landed himself in a bit of a mess. It seems that his son has been dating a black woman and Dog fired him as a direct result of that.

Oh, and in case that wasn’t enough, he managed to get himself recorded saying the ‘N’ word about 1,000 times (more or less) during a telephone conversation with said son. His reasoning was apparently that if his son were dating this girl and someone said the ‘N’ word and was recorded doing so, he (Dog) would lose everything he had worked so hard for.

Now, my thinking is that if you are incapable of never saying the ‘N’ word and there’s is such a danger that it might come flying out of your mouth at any moment, maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t fucking be on TV.

The irony is that what he was saying was that he would not be putting himself in the situation of being recorded saying the ‘N’ word, WHILE he was being recorded saying the ‘N’ word. Dumbass.

Here’s the deal, if you’ve managed to become a racist in this day and age, you’re already not very smart. But if you have managed to do so, and then you manage to get a TV program showcasing you and family’s escapades as you play at being the law, you might want to keep those racist proclivities to yourself.

Now, it’s not like we didn’t all know that Dog and Beth are white trash through and through. Mullets are the order of the day round there. But we at least figured they were white trash what done good, ya know?

Sure, Beth’s fake boobs could do someone a serious injury all by themselves and I giggle a little bit every time I think of Dog crimping, braiding and putting beads in his hair like a little bitty girl, but one did get the impression that at least they were good people, down deep, where it counts.

I’ve watched quite a few episodes of the show and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Dog pray over the poor misunderstood felons. They get all his understanding and support. He seemed like an open-minded guy who was willing to give anyone second or even third chances.

I guess the only thing he can’t forgive is skin color. Hypocrite.

I think maybe it’s time someone muzzled that there Dog.


8 Responses to “Who Let the Dog out?”

  1. magneto bold too Says:

    OK, got no idea what you are talking about 🙂 but it sounds like a reality show like The Osbornes…. is that right? Sounds like the guy is a real asshat.

    Thanks for the shout out. Loving the new look!

  2. mrschili Says:

    Happy NaBloPoMo!

  3. Michelle Says:

    I watched part of one of their shows … I’m surprised it took this long for it to come out.

    Sadly, this will probably get more traffic than when Alec Baldwin left that voice mail for his daughter that was making the rounds about 8 or 9 mths ago. You’d think “they” would learn from Gary Rice or Bill Clinton: Don’t leave evidence. Effin morons I tell ya.

    Looking forward to reading you every day this month. :o)

  4. Holly Says:

    I’m so excited you’re doing NaBloPoMo again! Good luck to you as well 🙂

  5. sonnie Says:


    i’m so sad to find out that Dog uses the “n” word. i feel all naive now in thinking he was one of the good guys.

  6. Pat K Says:

    Well I always thought “dog” was an asshat.

    I hate the damn show.

    I always thought his christian persona
    was a hypocritcal bull shit cover,for
    a criminal minded adrenaline junky
    who found a “legal” outlet for it.

    I hope that this causes him and his crew
    of yahoo’s to lose the show.

  7. Chris Says:

    Looks like A&E has muzzled him, at least on their air.

  8. Patsy(GrandmaPatsy) Says:

    ok, so you said I must comment everyday, if you have to blog everyday here goes,
    I lead a sheltered life, have never seen or heard of the guy, but now Im glad!

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