Not that there’s anything wrong with that (No, I really mean it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that)

I bet y’all thought all the hoopla about the Harry Potter universe was over, huh?

Not so much.

This just in from a reading with J. K. Rowling:

Answering a question posed to her at tonight’s book reading at Carnegie Hall in New York, Harry Potter author JK Rowling said she “always thought Dumbledore was gay” and that he originally fell in love with the wizard Grindelwald.

Rowling also said she had read through Steve Kloves’ script for the movie adaptation of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and corrected a passage in which Dumbledore was reminiscing about past loves by crossing it out and scrawling “Dumbledore is gay” over it.

Upon hearing her response, a hush fell over the audience in attendence and then applause exploded. Rowling remarked that if she had known that would be the response, she would’ve revealed her thoughts on Dumbledore earlier.

I have to say, I didn’t see that coming. Of course, why would I? He was a headmaster and a freedom fighter. His sexuality wouldn’t have come into play with either of those, so it makes sense that it was never mentioned.

What do y’all think?

(For the record, I think it’s cool.  I completely understand why she didn’t choose to make it an issue in the books, but I think it’s cool)


9 Responses to “Not that there’s anything wrong with that (No, I really mean it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that)”

  1. mrschili Says:

    Look, I’m the most OUT gay rights ally I know, and I think that it would be WONDERFUL for Dumbledore to be gay! Of course, it would just give the bible-thumping nut jobs another reason – you know, beyond the whole witchcraft and devil worship – to hate the books, but I would love for a trusted, honorable, revered character to be gay, and to have that be a part of the larger conversation.

  2. Chris Says:

    Interesting. I don’t see anything wrong with that at all.

  3. magneto bold too Says:

    Oh Mrschili’s comment made me laugh. Too true, my dear, too true.

    When it came on the news tonight (the NEWS!!! How funny is that!) my daughter, 15, who had just spent the whole weekend over at her best friends house, a gay guy, punched the air and said YES! And got on the phone immediately to tell said friend that McGonigal (sp?) was Dumbledore’s beard. We are having a Harry Potter party on the weekend and friend was going to be Snape, but now he HAS to be Dumbledore!

  4. AndyThePug Says:

    I don’t like it. Not because of the moral hysteria that will ensue (if not now, when the DH movie comes out), but because it seems tacked on. The whole Dumbledore subplot in the 7th Book centered around his family history and guilt, and that made perfect sense and was a compelling story. Now people are going to focus on this.

    I also don’t think she thought of Dumbledore as “gay”- she thought of him as having a brief (but loving?) relationship with Grindelwald that summer. For the rest of his life, he’s the same asexual character for her that the rest of the world has always seen him as. That’s another reason it seems a bit out of place. It makes sense plot-wise, but it doesn’t quite fit with the character.

    Though after arguing with people for several hours the other night over at FARK about this, I have to go re-read Deathly Hallows now.

  5. Robin Says:

    I’m ok with it, WTG Dumbledore, but it has nothing to do with the storylines. No reason to bring it up.

  6. andy sr Says:

    i agree with andy the pug.

  7. Pat K Says:

    Though I read one or two books a week,
    I have not read any Harry Potter.
    Mrs. Chili is right, on my many drives to Flowda,
    while listening to radio out side major population
    centers, I am always surprised to find out that
    the two biggest worries, in America are Harry
    Potter and that the Gays are coming, run,run
    away.I always joked that if they found out Harry
    was gay they would lose their minds.

    Well this turns of events should occupy them for a while. 🙂

  8. Pookie Says:

    Dumbledore must have watched Teletubbies as a kid…

    I am also un-Pottered. I’ve never read a single line. It must say something about my faith in my fellow man, that if something is popular, I automatically suspect it’s crap.

  9. Kizz Says:

    I actually did see this coming. I was pretty sure he was gay but it wasn’t even a little bit relevant to the story so I’m glad she didn’t specially write it into the books. I don’t mind that she revealed that info (the PR event that launched a thousand slash fanfics!) but I didn’t need it I’d be perfectly happy to have lived on with my unconfirmed suspicions and speculations.

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