Tonight’s the Night

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?


If you’re looking for something to pass the time until you can go get your copy of the book, or if you have to wait until  someone else finishes it (in which case, you have my deepest sympathy), go take the test and see which house you’d be sorted into.  You are, of course, obligated to come back and tell me which house you’re in.

Also, I saw a t-shirt recently that said ‘Don’t make go all Avada Kedavra on your ass!’.  The first person who sends me that t-shirt in  size None Of Your Fucking Business will have my eternal gratitude and also, I will send you a slightly melted Twix bar that came all the way from California.


11 Responses to “Tonight’s the Night”

  1. mrschili Says:

    I am in Ravenclaw. “Intelligent, witty and capable”

    Well, shucks.

  2. Organic Mama Says:

    I am in Gryffindor, on the bench besides you!

  3. jo baby Says:

    loyal, dependable, hardworking

  4. Woman with Kids Says:

    I. Want. The. Shirt.

    Also? I’m Hufflepuff.

    Stupid sorting hat.

  5. Pat K Says:

    Gryffindor what ever that is.

  6. fauve Says:

    Aren’t you done reading that book yet?!

  7. wayfarerbrian Says:

    The hat says: Ravenclaw!

    “Here in wise old Ravenclaw,
    If you’ve a ready mind,
    Those of wit and learning,
    Will always find their kind.”

    It fits.

  8. Ralph Says:

    I tried to send you some photos but it didn’t work (

  9. juanasezzz Says:

    Ravenclaw it is!!

  10. Mrs. Chili Says:

    So! Are you done reading? Can we talk?

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