Blogger’s Block

Mrs. Chili, I am fine. And God bless you for asking.

I read the entire account of your vacation and made Pookie promise to take me to Colonial Williamsburg ‘someday’.   It’s officially on The List.

Along with places like Napa Valley and The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.  And really everywhere, with the exceptions of Africa (why? Do I not get enough heat, pissed off felines and reptiles here? At least here, the dingo’s aren’t eating my baby.), all of Asia and I don’t really want to go to Mexico.  Oh, and Australia ain’t high on my list either.


There are many reasons I haven’t been posting much lately. Reason Number Two is that this has just been a crazy month for us so far (in mostly good ways) and I’m always busy.

Except that I’m not always busy, which leads us to Reason Number Three which is that I am just the laziest bitch ever.   I’ll start to write something and I’ll realize that I do not feel up to putting the energy into it to make it worth anyone else’s time to read it.

I do have things to talk about (LIKE MY SON. WHO IS COMING HOME.  LIKE, NEXT WEEK, FOR GOD’S SAKE). I have time in which to talk about them.  I simply don’t have the motivation right now.   Most times there’s a little bit of me in my posts, if you know what I mean.  I’m not usually only expending the tiny amount of physical energy it takes to type, I’m also expending mental and emotional energy.

I just don’t have either of those to spare at the moment.  However, I have enjoyed typing his post and do not at all feel as though I’d rather be hitting myself in the head with a wooden mallet, which is how I’ve been feeling lately while trying to force myself to post, so maybe there’s hope for me yet.

Anyway. I’m sure I’ll be back in fighting form soon, armed with pictures of kids and dogs and my sharp wit.  Thank God I’ll have lots of pictures.

Oh, and for those who were wondering what Reason Number One is?  I’m re-reading the Harry Potter books AGAIN and am on book 4 (Goblet of Fire) and still have to read 5 (Order of the Phoenix) and 6 (Half-Blood Prince) before July 21st at precisely midnight-ish.

Why then, you ask?   To you I say, ‘Dude, where the fuck have you been?

(seriously, if you don’t know, Google it, you cave dwelling bastard)

My oldest, Nate, is coming home for two weeks on the 19th, just two days before the new book’s release, so our tradition of him bugging the shit out of me to finish reading the book already so he can have his turn will continue!    Yay!

Anyway, hopefully I’ll post again soon, but if I don’t, I’m okay.  If I wasn’t okay, Pookie would let y’all know, I promise (but you may feel free to ask after me anyway because it makes me feel  all warm and gooshy on the inside like a chocolate chip cookie just out of the oven).

5 Responses to “Blogger’s Block”

  1. mrschili Says:

    Well, thank you for posting because, you know, I was missing you.

    I have a new theory about Dumbledore and Snape. Let me know if you want me to share.

    Our copy of the book is being delivered via Amazon on the day it’s released. I’m betting that most other people’s books are being delivered the same way, and I bet that postal workers are going to hate our national obsession with this story on the 21st because they’ll be working extra shifts and trying to cram as many little cardboard boxes into mail trucks as humanly possible. No wonder they go off on killing sprees…

  2. Contrary Says:

    Um, OF COURSE I want to hear your new theory.

    Spill it, chickie.

  3. Fishie Says:

    I totally re-read series before getting the latest installment too. Right now I’m wondering if I can get my hands on twelve Janet Evanovich books before daring to check out the thirteenth Stephanie Plum. Seriously, if you haven’t read the series, get One for the Money as soon as you finish off Harry. Nothing like a little sassy “lingerie buyer turned bounty hunter” to make you wet your drawers laughing. Not to mention Gramdma Mazur, Clint Eastwood wannabe.

  4. Organic Mama Says:

    So nice to see you back here. You done all those books yet? How fast did you get through ’em?
    I’m on Goblet of Fire, which I figure I’ll sail through by evening, the vacuuming, laundry and grading be damned. But I do have a week, so I can take slightly smaller bites.

    Yeah, like hell.

  5. Pat K Says:

    Well you can always take solace in the fact that you update
    your blog much faster than that slacker Pookie. 🙂

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