This will come as a surprise to absolutely no one

Online Dating

(as seen on and stolen from Fauve’s blog)

Fucking A, it is.   At first I kind of forgot my own URL and left out the ‘very’ in verycontrary and it came back that my blog was G-rated.  I might have literally exclaimed out loud, “What the fuck??”.

Then I realized my mistake, fixed it and got my NC-17.  Yeah, baby!

From my rating:

   This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

  • fucking (6x)
  • shit (4x)
  • bitch (2x)
  • prick (1x)

Is it wrong that I’m kind of weirdly proud of this?


Last evening we had a heck bastard (gotta keep my rating!) of a storm here.  One of our trees split down the middle and crushed our fence, but only after knocking down the power and phone lines in the backyard.

Let me tell you, if a storm ever knocks out your electricity, pray that you have a live wire loose in your backyard, because those people from the power company take that shit seriously.

They said, “We’ll be there ASAP.”  And then they were!  Usually ASAP stands for  “All we care about is getting your money, So shut the fuck up and enjoy the next week living by the light of kerosene lanterns And eating Pizza every night because everything in your house is run off of electricity. Dumbass.”

So thank you, Situationally Helpful People at the Electric Company!

9 Responses to “This will come as a surprise to absolutely no one”

  1. Pat K Says:

    Glad your all safe and got your
    fancy letric, back.

    I am back from Porc Fest.
    Had a great time.
    Missed you all.

  2. mrschili Says:

    Somehow, I manage a G rating on my blog. I’ve gotta fix THAT shit!

    Remember our lightning storm? Split the pole that feeds our house RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE (and scared the shit out of us in the process – not to mention taking out our hot water heater, the garage door opener, a VCR and (GASP!) the TiVo!). We’re in VA right now, and there are severe storms forecast for today. Here’s hoping that they’re not THAT severe while we’re not around to do anything about it….

  3. Pat K Says:

    Oh and about that cursing thing.
    As a Navy Chief once told me.

    Fuck the Fucking Fuckers first, before the
    Fucking Fuckers,Fuck you!

  4. Chris Says:

    If yours is NC-17 I can only imagine what mine is…especially lately.

  5. fauve Says:

    Ha! With 14 ‘fucking’s and 9 ‘fucks’ I have you way beat.

  6. Fishie Says:

    Hee! I’m a “G.”

  7. Humor Girl Says:

    Get it girl! That NC17 rating doesn’t come by accident.

  8. kristi Says:

    So funny! I found you thru Boobs and Dr Pepper!

  9. mrschili Says:

    Hellooooo? Are you still out there? I’m starting to worry again (or maybe these shakes are just Contrary withdrawal symptoms…)

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