Current addictions:

1) Cash Cab on The Discovery Channel.   Even if I end up feeling incredibly stupid by the time it’s over. Which I always do.  I’m obviously not smart enough to care.

2) Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie.   The only complaint I have is that there is not enough brownie.   I’m not sure what Ben & Jerry have against brownies and the people who love them, but I wish they’d get over it already.

Current  Irritations:

1) People who use utensils to eat when they’re eating pizza or fried chicken or corn on the cob.  Stop it.  I’m not fucking kidding.

2)  A certain 4 year old person who thinks I won’t sell him to the Gypsies right stinkin’ now if he doesn’t go to bed and stop doing that fake whining crap.

Current reasons to celebrate:

1) My oldest son, Nate, will be coming home for a visit in mid-July and staying for almost 3 weeks.  It’s just now coming up on a year since we’ve seen him (except for the web cam, which we LOVE), and I miss the little snot.

2) Ok, so I’m not celebrating this one so much, but my kiddo is.  My daughter, Sarah, is going to spend three weeks in Atlanta with her BFF, Lisa.  Lisa and her family moved away quite some time ago, but the girls talk and IM every day and miss each other like crazy.

Currently reading:

1)  The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton.   I have been in love with Darry since God was a pup.  I was in love with Darry before they ever had the movie. Seeing Patrick Swayze  play the role on the big screen did nothing but fuel the fire, baby.

However.  Um.  This book totally sucks.  Which took me quite by surprise as I remembered it being a kick ass book, all deep and shit with all that talk about sunsets and being golden, blah, blah, blah.   It’s crap!

The main problem with it is that even though it’s written in first person, with our protagonist being a 14 year boy, it was actually written by a 16 year old girl (S.E. Hinton).  Could you find two more opposite creatures in the world?

Some actual text where the protagonist (a 14 year old boy, remember) is referring to his brother, Sodapop:

In a moment his breathing was light and regular. I turned my head to look at him and in the moonlight he looked like some Greek god come to earth. I wondered how he could stand being so handsome. Then I sighed.

What. The. Fuck.

Now, aside from the fact that 14 year old boys are pretty much the most unenlightened beings on the planet, that shit is wrong, right?


7 Responses to “Currently.”

  1. Mrs. Chili Says:

    Oh, yeah – that shit is wrong.

    I’m planning on reading all the novels that Punkin’ Pie gets assigned in middle school starting next year. We’re going to have our own little “Chili Women Reading Group,” though I’m not sure I’m going to be able to contain my disdain for things like you mention here. Like Ben and Jerry, I’m going to have to get over it.

    Speaking of B&J, I can’t speak to the brownie thing because I am exclusively, 100%, irrationally in love with Phish Food. I tried the frozen yogurt version (’cause, ya know, my ass and all…) but that didn’t kick it for me. Then they came out with a LIGHT ice cream (“half the fat and 25% fewer calories) and I swear to the holy ice cream scoop, it’s JUST as good as the regular stuff. God, but I love summer!

  2. Shelly Says:

    If you find gypsies to sell your son to, please send them to my house. I have a four year old redheaded girl selling *cheap*!

  3. Pat K Says:

    I don’t trust any one who eats Pizza with a knife and fork.

  4. Patsy(GrandmaPatsy) Says:

    Oh,yeah..B&J’s I’m for it ,you know you can get it little bitty thinges, so you can eat it on the go. I’ve had 14 radiation & 4 chemo treaments and I’m gaining wieght!! But the nice thing is the doctors all say Great, we don’t want you losing.I thought I hit on a way to lose and eat any thing,wrong genes,I come from a long line of pigmy,fat Irish.
    If you do fine that kid- buying- gypsy I’ve got a couple of grownup ones I’ll paid them to take!
    can’t wait to see Nate ,I hope I can travel by myself by then.
    Love ya all , tell Sarah I hope she has a great time, I wish I could spend 3 weeks with my BBF.Love my hubby of 28 years but 24-7 is wearing thin at times.

  5. Fishie Says:

    Hey people, back off the pizza knife-and-fork eaters. Some of us would rather do that than end up looking like gramma in our ’30s because gingivitis is real, y’all. As for corn on the cob, I only WISH I could still eat that in any manner whatsoever. One day I won’t be able to bite into ANYTHING, and then you will all feel sorry for being so mean. Or else you’ll be laughing at my three teeth. Whichever.

    Oh, and contrary, darn you to heck for ruining that memory for me. I totally had it for Darry too, Swayze or not. First book that ever made me cry. I don’t want to reread it, though I have two copies for posterity, because I do not want to realize it sucked.


  6. Woman with Kids Says:

    I loved that book as a kid.. but yeah, on rereading? Not so great. The movie though, yummy. Have you ever read The Princess Bride? We can quote the movie, but the book? meh.

    I’ll have to catch Cash Cab, the previews look good.

  7. Chris Says:

    Ben and Jerry are two of my best friends. My waist doesn’t think so though.

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