Bite the bullets

In no particular order:

  • J.D. (the 4 year old) walked into the bathroom just as I was stepping out of the shower and drying off. After he asked me what I was doing and I answered him (while covering the nakedness), I asked him to go out and close the door and he said ok. He then popped his head back in and said, ‘You know, you really should get dressed.’  Then I sputtered for 10 minutes (ex: ‘but…he….wait…what?’.)
  • Pookie and I went to see some local bands last night because Pookie loves him some live music. I tend not to care for it simply because to me, live music is the thing keeping me from doing what I enjoy best; nattering on about nothing whilst my companion(s) cast about for some way to discreetly puncture their eardrums. Anyway, we particularly enjoyed one band, so in the interest of seeming ‘cool’ and ‘ with it’ and with the wish to one day be considered a ‘hep cat, Daddio’, I thought I’d link to their MySpace page. They did a hell of a job on Black Magic Woman, but the highlight was definitely the cowbell solo. I’m not kidding.
  • We had our best day so far at the shop on Saturday! Hopefully it’s just the beginning.
  • Speaking of the shop, our little mystery friend came out of his cocoon! I’d about decided he wasn’t ever going to, but there he was yesterday morning. His wings were still a bit wet and he couldn’t fly away yet, so we managed to get some pics of him, but I had to use my camera phone, so only one of them is worth a crap:moth.jpg Isn’t he a handsome devil?
  • This from a post by Mrs. Chili: “…and because I love you all and don’t want YOU to be crazy (even though I’m well aware that it’s too late for some of you – hi, Contrary!)…”, makes me so glad that I’ll have a friend like her when I move to New Hampshire. I won’t even have to break her in!
  • I might or might not have asked Pookie if we “have one of those little drill-y drills”. He might or might not have laughed his ass off. The only thing I know for sure is that there will be no sex-y sex any time soon. Hmph.

5 Responses to “Bite the bullets”

  1. mrschili Says:

    Okay – eeew! He’s yuckier out of the pod than he was in. Let us know if he gets prettier as he gets dry.

    You cover up your nakedness in front of your kids? Huh. I wouldn’t have guessed that about you. We don’t, just so you know. I mean, we’re not parading around in our altogether all the time, but we do shower with the kids (10 and 8 – and yes, sometimes they showere with Mommy, sometimes with Daddy). It’s all part of our trying to keep sex from being that thing that no one talks about because it’s dirty or secret or somehow unapproachable. This is a nose, this is an elbow, this is a breast. We’re hoping, by keeping it so matter-of-fact, that the girls won’t be freaked about coming to us with questions. I don’t know if our theory is full of shit yet or not, though it seems to be working for the ten-year-old.

    And I’m looking forward to having you here, too! Hurry up, wouldja?

  2. Pookie Says:

    Now, to be fair to Contrary, she enjoyed the live music and rocked along with everyone else, and it wasn’t didn’t impair nattering on, not in the least! Wait… did that come out right?

    The moth isn’t exactly pretty in that picture, but some of them can be quite striking:

  3. Fishie Says:

    Mrs. C., as one who has been open AND modest with my kiddos, good luck with that.

    The Bigun had a friend who was talking about her breasts as a “milk factory” so I had to do some early (2nd grade) sex ed in response. Apparently the child heard my description of sperm (yeah, I tried to go through the whole thing) as “Circles with foxtails.” I do not remember saying this.

    So at 18, she’s still traumatized. Why, yes, boys are indeed still icky.

  4. Pookie Says:

    Pooter is no stranger to nakedness in our house. The only excessive modesty in the house is that of his big sister, who, I suspect, showers fully clothed. Given that she’s a beautiful and shapely 17 year old who gets ogled whenever we’re in public, I don’t discourage that modesty. Probably saves me a lot of bail money and legal bills.

    But still, when you’ve just stepped out of the shower and the door opens suddenly, the basic instinct is to cover up.

  5. mrschili Says:

    “But still, when you’ve just stepped out of the shower and the door opens suddenly, the basic instinct is to cover up.”

    I’ll grant ‘ya that. And I’m not saying that there’s a right or wrong way – far be it from ME to have those kind of answers; I’m figuring this shit out as I go, just like everyone else, so I hope my comments didn’t come off badly.

    Pookie, got any advice about parenting gorgeous teenaged girls? I’m gonna need some – the girls are going to be knockouts….

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