*He’s at least a DD

We’re gonna gloss right over the fact that I’ve been scarce, especially right after vowing to post more often.  We’re just going to pretend it didn’t happen.   LaLaLa.  (however, if you feel like telling me how much you missed me, feel free)

I don’t really have all that much to say, because I tend to go quiet when I’m stressed and I’m stressed right now, but I did want to let y’all know that I was not required to appear for Jury Duty, which is a good thing, because I’m quite sure I would have gotten in trouble for giggling every time I thought about telling the Judge I done shot myself or when I thought about whipping out a boob (*Don Imus, maybe?) and demanding my right to breastfeed a decidedly reluctant 4 year old.

Anyway, I found something today I thought I’d share, since it make me laugh.  This is for all you Hugh Laurie fans out there.


2 Responses to “*He’s at least a DD”

  1. mrschili Says:

    I HAVE missed you (where the hell have you been?!?).

    The video was funny. We’re just finishing up discussions in my public speaking class about Imus and the whole “who gets to say what” question, and the topic of rap music came up quite a bit. I’m astounded at some of the lyrics in those songs. I brought up Will Smith – he’s managed to get big in rap without uttering profanity – one of his songs (Freakin’ It) actually has the line “all you rappers yellin’ ’bout who you put in a hearse / do me a favor; write ONE verse without a curse.”


  2. Pat K Says:

    Oh darlin,you know we miss you when your gone.
    I hope the stress is the good getting your bizz.
    off the ground type.

    If not tell me who I have to drive down to Tex.
    and wack, to make ya feel better. 🙂

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