And the winner is…

trophy.jpgWell, it’s officially the end of the week and we have a winner for the Get Me Out of Jury Duty contest.   It is, as very astutely predicted by Fishie, this comment by Fauve:

“Walk in and say, ‘I once shot myself in the head. Do you really want me making a decision in here?’ ” 

Now, beyond the fact that Fauvie is making fun of the poor retarded girl who shot herself in the head, that is some funny shit right there.   I about peed myself reading it and Pookie had to call me, laughing, to tell me “Fauve wins!”.

I thought the suggestion left by On the Ponderosa  was awesome (Breast Feeding, will work every time. Let them dare to question you.) , only, my youngest is 4 and even if I could bring myself to pretend to nurse a small hobo large toddler, I’d have to have his cooperation. Four year olds are not known for their cooperative spirit.   Yeah, so.  That was out.  Damn good suggestion, though!

The fact is, they were all good and proof yet again that only the smartest, funniest people visit this blog.

However, Fauve is the only one who gets the Starbucks $5.00 gift card!   Yay, Fauve!

You put the ‘awe’ in awesome, Dude.

Now, from the ‘Yep, it turns out they were shitting me’ file:  Turns out the story from yesterdays post was a hoax.  I don’t feel too bad about falling for it since, well, I’m not very smart ( in case you missed it, I am the girl who shot herself in the head. Not exactly proof of great intelligence there), but I would like to apologize to all the theoretical Japanese people I might have hurt or pissed off with my absolute belief that a large number of you were stupid enough to fall for such a scam.   I say theoretical because I don’t believe any actual  people from Japan are reading this blog.  But if you’re out there, I’m sorry. I mean, I’m sorry even if you’re not out there too.  My being sorry is not conditional on you reading this blog.  Also, I’ll shut up now.


2 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. Chris Says:

    Oh, that is awesome. Just awesome.

  2. fauve Says:

    Woohoo! Go me! lol

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