I call Bullshit

I am reading this week’s People Magazine (because I believe in keeping up with the news, y’all) and one little part asks celebrities what book they are currently reading to their kids.

Here is Sarah Jessica Parker’s response:

She is reading For Every Child, a Better World (a United Nations publication).

” It’s the cold hard facts [about world poverty]. We’ve read it every night for weeks, and he still asks, ‘Why don’t those children have what they need?’ ”  says Parker about son James Wilkie, 4.

I suppose her four year old could be smarter and more socially conscious than any other four year old I’ve ever met, but I doubt it.

I actually have a four year old, and he’s a smart little bugger, and I can’t see hitting him over the head for WEEKS on end, EVERY night, with the cold hard facts about children starving.

Maybe next they could start a book about clubbing baby seals. It could be a picture book!

I believe in being truthful with your kids about the state of the world, really I do.  But good googly moogly, give the kid a break.

Ok, enough with that.

If you would like to join the contest already in progress, go to this post and leave your entry in the comments. Also, y’all are awesome.

2 Responses to “I call Bullshit”

  1. Fishie Says:

    Oh, I totally back you on the BS call.

    Reading a book over and over to your 4 year-old child about poverty = stupid and pointless.

    Taking said 4 year-old on a field trip to purchase things to donate to shelters and letting them sort items, or taking a 6 year-old to donate a pile of goods to Katrina victims, or teaching an 8 year-old how to save and give a portion of earnings to charity = much better. And more useful in the long run.

    Toby Keith said it – a little less talk and a lot more action.

  2. jen Says:

    SJP – seriously? yeah, I don’t see the point there either.

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