Annie Leibovitz, I’m not.

Y’all are gonna be so impressed with me. I learned something new today. I learned how to use Photoshop at the most basic level. It’s the stuff they’re teaching in Kindergarten these days, really, but it’s a big thing for me.

See, I didn’t even know how to resize pictures taken with my digital camera to make them more usable on the computer. Basically, every picture was about the size of a bedspread and I would have to send them to Pookie or Miranda, have them resize the pics and then they’d send them back to me to use. Which is not only kind of pathetic, but terribly inconvenient for everyone involved.

But I just might be on my way to taking and tweaking pictures I’m happy with!

( For those who are still reading, thank you for indulging me. I swear I won’t be this boring all the time)

Here’s a picture I took with my camera phone of the night sky. Now as camera phone pictures go, it’s not bad, but it was tiny and much darker than what I’d seen with my naked eye. Apparently the flash on a camera phone doesn’t do much good when confronted with Mother Nature. Anyway, here’s the original pic:


It was gorgeous out that night.

Here it is, re-sized to something you don’t need a magnifying glass for:


Better, but a little blurrier than the original and still too dark overall (again, in comparison to what I saw with my naked eye, which was what I wanted to capture)

Here’s the finished product; by no means ready to be published anywhere but here, but I’m still pretty darn happy with it. What do you think?


Oh, and this last one is what happens when you put a dodge tool in the wrong hands:



2 Responses to “Annie Leibovitz, I’m not.”

  1. fauve Says:

    Bravo. I’m impressed.
    I finally went and took a Photoshop class last year at a local college because I couldn’t do anything myself.

  2. mrschili Says:

    Wowie! Ain’t technology somethin’! Of course, you can’t go by me; I kind of liked the original, tiny cell phone picture best…

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