Baaa, humbug

Via this, I’ve found another blog I love. It’s called Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. I’d actually read her some time ago, and loved her, but forgot to bookmark and then couldn’t find her again, because I’m a bit of a wanker, to be honest. So, anyway, I found her again and spent the whole of yesterday immersed in her writing and in her pictures.

She’s a ranch wife (who grew up in the burbs), a homeschooling mother and a hell of a photographer and photo-shopper.

She takes pictures of her hot cowboy husband, Marlboro Man and her gorgeous children and horses and cattle and calf nuts and flowers and basically whatever she can get to hold still long enough to shoot.

She also tells a hell of a story. She has a category called The Humiliation Chronicles and this story will make you blush hot with embarrassment right along with her.

She channels Scarlett O’Hara and Ethel Merman and isn’t afraid to let the internet hear her do it.

She’d make me feel all inferior and shit if she wasn’t so cool and nice.

So I’ve decided to be inspired by her. I’ve always wanted to be really good with a camera, but I’m not. I told Pookie that the next nice gift giving occasion with my name on it, I would like to get a nicer digital camera and photoshop software so I can start doing a little something for my soul.

I’m also going to try to post every day; with a picture from Yours Truly accompanying most of those posts. Hopefully we’ll see my writing and my picture taking improve, because as they both stand now, they couldn’t get much worse.

And now, for our picture of the day, I present…Herbie! He’s a Boer/Spanish cross goat baby (what do you call a goat baby? Goatlet? Goatee?) that we got today to help with the weed eating at the shop. He’s an 8 week old orphan who’s decided that Oliver (the standard poodle) is his favorite person. The plan is to spoil him rotten and so far, we’re doing the job up right. I know this, because he is asleep on the couch after a full evening of being petted and loved on.’s Herbie!


Isn’t he stinking cute? Literally, he’s kind of stinky and very cute.

Here’s another one taken with Lily, the Toodle (terrier poodle).



7 Responses to “Baaa, humbug”

  1. Holly Says:

    I stumbled upon her site a couple months ago and made her lasagna which is REALLY good.

  2. mrschili Says:

    I want to take better pictures, too. Let me know how you fare (and what camera you get, becuase mine kind of sucks).

    I have to take issue with your assessment of your writing, though. While EVERYONE’S writing will benefit from practice (which is something my students just can’t seem to grasp – it’s not ‘busywork,’ People, it’s ‘PRACTICE!’ Ugh.), I think you write extremely well. You tell a great story, you’re funny as all hell, and I keep coming back. Quit being so hard on yourself.

    I’m looking forward to the ‘post a day’ thing. I’ve been trying to post every day since NaBloPoMo and have managed every day except one (St. Patrick’s day – go figure. I wasn’t even wasted, I just forgot). Once you get in the habit, it’s really kind of fun…

  3. JD Says:

    Baby goats are “kids” (Really!). I wouldn’t spoil him too much, goat kids, like the human variety, grow into adults. An adult goat thinking he has the run of the place including furniture privileges WILL NOT be that cute after all. Particularly when it has the ability to butt heads far better than you do. Walls, doors and cabinets come to mind. 😉

  4. Contrary Says:

    Hey, JD! I flaked on the ‘kid’ thing, but between you and Pookie, I’ve been set straight.

    Also, the goat lying on my furniture thing was a one night only affair. He came to work this morning and will be set up in his deluxe stall complete with fresh hay for bedding and pretty red buckets for feed and water.

    We do intend to turn him into a pet though, just not a ‘sit on Mama’s lap while she watches Project Runway and secretly wishes Tim Gunn weren’t gay’ kind of pet.

  5. Chris Says:

    Awww…that’s one cute goat.

  6. Dave Chance Says:

    First thing I’d do is get him quick to someone who can de-horn him, and soon, as you don’t want to wait much longer to have it done (the ideal time being 6-8 weeks). Personally, I like goats with horns if they’re going to be somewhere outside all the time in an area where there is a possibility of predators. But, If you want him to be a pet, or just a field goat that is sort of easy to handle (especially at hoof trimming time), you don’t want him to have horns. Especially Boer horns. Point number two: Learn all you can about electric fencing. I raised goats for a long time, and for a while was a herd manager for (at the time) Oregon’s largest grade “A” goat dairy, milking approximately 250 goats, with roughly 450 total on the farm. I also became a WSU certified Master Goat Farmer after being a registered vet tech in 3 states for 10 yrs. There is nothing (as in NOT ANYTHING) that will keep a goat in a pasture except electric fence (well, maybe a chain link dog kennel with the walls buried 6 inches into the ground and with a top on it), and that’s only about 80% effective. Sometimes it is necessary to “introduce” the goat to the fence, because if they don’t see it and get zapped, they’ll run through it, all the other goats will get out and it can be a frustrating mess. Especially when they all start playing “king of the mountain” on the hood of your car just under your bedroom window at 5:30 on Sunday morning. Good Luck!!

  7. Lynnster Says:

    I need another blog to read like I need a hole in my head, but that one is great… thanks for the heads up!

    I am totally in love with your goat. OK, that just sounds wrong but how adorable is that critter!!!!

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