I’m sure it’ll all go downhill soon, though

Things that are making me happy right now:

1)  My stepsons are here for the whole week while they’re on Spring Break.   There will be Scrabble and Texas Hold’Em and movies.  That’s right people, it’s party central around here.

2) The new season of Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels is here.  I was always a little scared of the Demon, but it turns out he’s a pussycat.

3) Did mention how I don’t work for the Big Bad Corporation anymore?   I’m telling you, it’ll give you a whole new outlook on life.

Things that are making me unhappy this week:

1) Not a damned thing.  It’s all good.

How are things going with y’all?


9 Responses to “I’m sure it’ll all go downhill soon, though”

  1. kate1976 Says:

    Superb! Glad things are going well.. as for me, I have my health and the sun is shining. So will concentrate on the positives!!! Plus I just had a yum tuna melt from Starbucks.

  2. Chris Says:

    Yay! Sounds like you’ve got a good week going on!

  3. JOBaby Says:

    My Week?

    Sucky things:
    1. Ear membranes ruptured (DX: Barotauma) on plane ride from Orlando.. (yes… ouch)

    Lucky things:
    1. God IS good.
    2. My family members are all in good health.
    3. The ear thing… while leaving me a sort of deaf in my right ear.. is not the end of the world. (see lucky thing #1)
    4. Leaving Thursday morning for a cruise to Cozmel… with my husband. and some of our friends. There will be tequilla, there will be laughter, there will be chocolate ice cream and there will be nakedness…. not necessarily in that order. (what there won’t be… is any leaning over the rails…ha!)

    My week? It rocks.

  4. sweatpantsmom Says:

    I just saw photos of Gene Simmons and his wife’s dual facelifts. Scary.

    And that joke in the previous post seriously cracked me up. I am so simple.

  5. buffi Says:

    So the self employment is going well thus far? Glad to hear you are happy! And I’ll bet that you are a very cool step mom!

    As for my week? Well, first, I found out that I DON”T have breast cancer. Then my husband surprised me by coming home for a few days. No verdict yet as to whether this is a good or bad thing. If anything, it’s one hell of a booty call!

  6. Organic Mama Says:

    Happy rocks: FAR better than the alternative. So glad things are working out.

    Money and the relative lack of it loom large in my life but I am concocting a go at it on my own business scheme that just might turn the trick. Life seems to be in one of those path of most resistance places at the moment, however I am thinking of giving optimism a shot. Your story is inspiring.

  7. jen Says:

    Yeah, I’m actually amazed how normal Gene Simmons and his family is…are…whatever. The son actaully had a very great, dry sense of humor.

    I can’t remember where I read this, but some funeral director had a t-shirt that read, “everyday above ground is a good one.”

  8. Jack Says:

    You dont work for the Big Bad Corp. You have became the Big Bad Corp. Love Ya

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